Planet of the Jakes: Ever Hear the One Bout the Meteor and the Man?

planet of the jakes meteor

planet of the jakes meteor

So, one night last week, Jakob walked into my room.  “Here, Fadder.” He said, handing me the above picture.  I laughed to myself giving it the once over.  “Know what it is?” he asked.

Well, duh, Jakob!  It kinda looks like a meteor about to hit someone.  Duuuuuhhhhhhh!

Now, c’mon!  I didn’t actually say that to him.  Settle down.  Settle down.  I was really curious where his head was going with this thing, though.  I’m looking for the punchline, but couldn’t see one.  So, I played stupid.  “No.”  I said with a shrug.  “What’s it supposed to be?”

Looking up at me, he pointed at the drawing.  “The meteor’s about to hit that guy.”  He replied with a really mischievous smile.

“Yea?”  I said, waiting.  And the punchline is…?

“Yep!”  He said with a knowing laugh and left me holding his picture.








And…that was that. What can I say?  The kid’s random…

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  1. I love kids pictures! My son drew a picture of his dad and him as squirrels with guns and stuff. When I first looked at it I laughed because the tails where black and hanging between their legs down to the ground. I asked him about it and he said
    "That's me and dad in squirrel mode."
    It looked however like they were very uh well hung.

  2. LOL!!! that's classic. i may have to put more of jakob's art up here. some really random stuff that kid comes up with. don't know where he gets it from!!! 😐

  3. That is hilarious. Kids crack me up. You did the right thing by playing dumb, though. Kid art treads dangerously close to the "how far along are you" pitfall. As much as you want to go there, you can't take the chance of the mental scarring that comes when it's a mistake. 😉

    Very cute, bro.

  4. LOL! he was still cracking up when i should it to him on the site. there's some sort of inside joke going on that he's not sharing…

  5. So great. It totally looks like a meteor about to hit a guy! :) I hope it's on the fridge?

    Thanks for linking up with Finding the Funny. Hope to see you next week!

  6. That really made me laugh! That poor guy has a meteor after him. That's what you call having a bad day!

    (So glad you joined "Finding the Funny"! Hope to see you next week!)