Sound the trumpets! Let the pigeons loose!!!

FINALLY!  GD!!!  FINALLY!!!!  Finally got the new site up and running.  This is what your friendly neighborhood jman has been working on the last month or so.  Getting this thing up and running.  What a nightmare.  I’m an idiot, not an internetist.

And, hey!   Do me a solid, don’t be emailing me, tweeting me, or leaving comments either about how this doesn’t work or that doesn’t work.  I know!  I know! I’m still working on it.  God!  What do you want from me?  This is a one man show!  I’m doing what I can!

Nononono.  I kid.  I kid.  Go ahead.  Go poke around.  I know some of the hyperlinks in the old posts probably aren’t pointing in the right direction.  Me and my intern (that’s me, btw.  I just said this was a one man show) will be working on that stuff over the next week or two.

All things considered, I’m really happy how it all turned out.  If you would’ve asked me last week, though?  Oh, man!  I was about ready to throw my laptop out the window, hunt down the geniuses at WordPress and tell them a thing or two about a thing or two.

But, all’s well that ends well.

And, yes…now that I’ve got most of this done, I will be turning my attention back to this:

But, for now?  I nap.

Love always and in all ways,

Your friendly neighborhood jman.

PS…Don’t forget to update your bookmarks!!!

stupid birds


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Pigeons flying:

Bird poop smiley:



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  1. yeah!!! I love it!!! I am going to try to stumble you and see what happens! If you don’t hear back from me – consider all is good. Or, that I have been hit by that falling bear…either one is possible.

    1. thank you! too kind of you.

      yes. stumble! stumble away. and tell your friends! tell anyone who will listen. stumble!!!

      too soon on the bear, thou. i’m still hurting over the loss. :)

  2. I’m jealous. Looks awesome! I want to move from blogger, but I chicken out. Now I shall pick your brain once you get it all figured out. I’m afraid I’m going to blow something up. Consider yourself updated! 😉

    1. thank you! really appreciate it!

      no problem on the brain picking! ask away! it really wasn’t that bad. i made it more difficult (as i tend too) cause i wanted to run four separate blogs from one webaddress. which, was the real pain in the arse. cause, i’m an idiot.

      that, and the fact that i’m doing 50 million other things on top of moving the blog over.