Photo Essay: The Carnival

Ahhhh…the carnival.  What used to be known as a time of merrymaking before Lent , as Wikipedia tells it.  And plenty of merriment was to be had when the carny came to beautiful uptown Ben Salom, a few weeks ago.  Your friendly neighborhood jman was forward thinking enough (read: easy post) to snap a few pics for your carnival (not “carnal”.  I don’t run that type of blog here.  I’m pretty sure I could direct you to a few, though, if you want to send me an email.) pleasure.  So, sit back, relax, keep your hands and feet inside the tram and enjoy our tour…

As always, the carnival remains one of the most affordable options for family fun.  At a $1.25/ticket, it’s not a rip off at all!  Just look…the more you buy, the more you save! Of course, I wasn’t that forward thinking enough to take a pic of the sign at the “entrance” of the carny.  Cause, then, you’ve could’ve seen that on top of the ticket gouging prices, it’s an additional 2.50 just to step foot into the area that the other 50.5 weeks of the year is free to not only walk through, but park your car!

Most of the rides that were set up cost you 3 – 4 tickets to ride.  So you do the math.  This thrill ride was a bargain at one ticket, though!

The carny is also known for it’s strong record for safety.  They have signs up and all.

Yes, the ride does reach near sonic speeds, but it’s still totally safe.

Cause they totally made sure the ground they put the ride on was level!

This ride is so safe, holding on was optional!

And there’s no reason to not feel safe on a ride that flings you around in a seat 5 stories up, in the middle of a mall parking lot.

After hitting some of the rides, there’s tons of fun to be had on the “midway”.  Listen, I’m no dummy.  I watch TV.  Those games are on the “level” (more so than that ride up there).  Although, I thought I heard one of the jointees call me a “rube”

The one thing the carny is BEST for, though, is food!

Lots and lots of life ending foods

God!  I fucking love funnel cake!

And candy apples!


As with all things in life, the fun came to an end (that’s what happens when you spend, spend, spend). Worry not  my carny lovin’ kin, cause we’ll be back next year, to watch those rides spin (like fucking poetry in motion.  No wonder I call myself the modern day Mark Twain).

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who are willing to hop on rides put together in 15 minutes by men with no teeth. Maybe I’ve just had too many physics classes, but I’m not getting on those!
    Fun post, BTW!

    1. lol! honestly, i do like going. probably for that reason alone. most of those rides? uhhhh…no thanks.

      i like it alot better when i don’t have to pay to get in, though.

      and the carny is one of the best places to people watch…

    1. actually, if they really cared about safety, they’d put up warning signs on the food vendors. :)

  2. Laughter with tears from laughter is clearly a healthy alternative to candied apples, funnel cake, and cotton candy! That was a brilliant post. Oh, how I loved carnivals as a kid! It’s not cruel of me at all to intentionally not drive in a specific part of town so that my children will never know the carnival is in town. :)

    Thanks for the great post!


    1. absolutely not!!!! avoid that part of town at all costs! this was a semi-planned visit. otherwise, i’ll go 45 minutes out of my way to avoid the carny when it’s in town!!!

      thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. I was never allowed to go on any of the rides as a kid, so now as an adult, I want to buy ALL the tickets and go on ALL the rides and eat ALL the food and… yeah you saw where this was going before I did, didn’t you?

    That one on tilted ground? Looks like my entire damn house, no shit. We refer to our abode as “House of Escher”, or sometimes “Where Dali Likes to Chill”. Good times.

    Ever had deep fried broccoli? I tried it once at a fair & almost died, that greasy shit tasted so delish!

  4. I LOVE carnival corn-on-the-cob. Mmmm!!! I never knew that about it being a way to celebrate before Lent. Thanks for teaching me something! Also? A mother on my son’s t-ball team used to be a carnie and her son is a carnie now. Gotta love carnies.

    (Thanks for linking this up to #findingthefunny a couple of weeks ago! Sorry I am such a loser and just now reading it.)