It’s been one year since you looked at me…

…threw your arms in the air and said “you’re crazy”!

Last weekend, July 1st to be exact, the greatest site EVAR turned one.  Don’t play stupid.  You know what site I’m talking about.  Fadderly.  Fadderly turned 1.  Duh!  Actually, I thought it was July 7th , but according to the logs, the anniversary was the 1st.  Go figure.  Duh to me!  We’ll just celebrate a little late.  Big deal.  Not like any of you remembered!

If you know me, and I know that you don’t, you know this isn’t my first attempt at a blog.  Or even my fifth attempt, for that matter.  I’ve had any number of blogs over the years, starting way back in 2004.  For one reason or another (divorce, monetary pressures, life), the blogs would eventually peter themselves out after a few months time.  I usually made it past that “mythical” 90 day mark, but then they would usually run their course shortly thereafter.  My first blog, making it the longest, at about 10 months or so.

This time, though?  I’ll tell you…I really feel like I’m firing on all 9 cylinders.  This thing I do really indulges my stupidity. The stupider I get, the funnier this thing is.  I don’t know.  I don’t get it. But, damn!  Even when I get pissed off editing a video in that pain in the ass software, iMovie, I’m still excited about getting the final product out there.

we're talking Synergy. with a capital "S"!

So, in honor of eeking this year out, I figured we’d do some “synergistic” bull-type shit, by updating/sequeling/playing off some of the older posts, this week.  Also, I’m “special editioning” a series of post I wrote way back on my first blog.  I say “special editioning” it, cause…whew!  Someone was pretty angry way back in 2004!  Had to clean up the articles a bit, if you know what I mean.  The original series is still “out there” in the ether that is the internets.  But…I’m not gonna put you in the right direction.  If you wanna try and find it youself, god speed.

The other thing I’ve added to the blog is a way for anyone (and everyone) who wants, the ability to leave a “tip”.  I don’t want to rehash it all here, since I’ve already added a page, called “my guitar case”, explaining my thinking behind it.  I’ve also added a handy dandy “tip” app on the right hand corner of every page, for your tipping convenience.

Mostly, though, I want to thank you all for stopping by and reading these indulgences.  It means a lot that you do.  And I hope I make you laugh as much as I laugh at it all.

I’ll end this post with an excerpt from the article that started it all, ”My Total Soccer Mom Moment”.  I won’t bore you by reprinting the whole thing here, but if you wanna click the link and read the whole thing, it’d probably be in your best interests.  Cause there’s a pop quiz coming up…

“…Let me tell you something.  You never saw a dude jump out of his seat faster or higher than I did at that moment.  I was like Rocky after running up all those god damn steps in that movie…what was it called?  Shit!  I forget…doesn’t matter.  And the howl that came out of me?  Man!  I swear the place reverberated.  Remember how that girl ripped off her shirt at the end of that one soccer match a few years ago?  Yea…that was totally me.  

When I finally landed from leaping off my seat, I triumphantly looked around at all the parents of all the losers of the award.  The looks I was getting were, well…not flattering.  In their defense, though, I guess the whole scene was fairly obnoxious of me.  “Sorry.” I said to everyone.  I nodded toward Sarah crossing the stage.  “That’s my sister.”

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  1. Wow, congrats! You always make me laugh so you must be doing it right! I didn’t know you were only approaching a year, I always think everyone has been doing their blog much longer than me -but I turn one in October!

    1. i know. i’m the same way. i think everyone else has been doing this a lot longer than me…

      thanks for reading and commenting. really appreciate it!

  2. Happy blogoversary! I would sing, but it is in everyone’s best interest that I do not. I love your blog, 5th times a charm?! Blog years are like dog years, which means my blog is like 67.;)

    1. thank you!!! really appreciate it you reading and commenting. :)

      hopefully the 5th time IS the charm!