7 Words or Less: The Amazing Spiderman

Not the Avengers, still fun though.

Here’s a few more that didn’t quite make the cut:

What had more screen time…Spidey or Sony products?


The lizard was boring

What?  What you  mean…”what?”

Well, yea.  A little bit.

Oh…ok.  You’re right.  Not boring.


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  1. Very good assessment. It was certainly not The Avengers, but I really enjoyed it. It would have been even better with a more interesting villain because, yes, the Lizard is boring.

    1. i thought andrew garfield was really good as peter/spidey. she was good as gwen. the whole cast was solid. story was a bit unnecessary to be re-told, but fine nonetheless.

      lizard was just…boring.

  2. I liked how they kept Peter a teenager. I thought it fit because you know Marvel is going to build him up in subsequent movies. The Lizard would have been more rounded had they kept the comic book story of him having a wife and son. Would have had more depth…for a human Lizard 😉
    Overall I thought it was good and it finally washed away the rancid taste of Spiderman 3 out of my mouth.

  3. I thought the movie was at least better than the 3 that came before it. Yes a little more screentime for the Lizard. I’m just really curious who was that talking to Dr. Conners at the end. Well enough for now. Nuff Said. Thwip Thwip.

    1. i thought 2 was better. but, Amazing was definitely better than 1 and 3.

      Thwip. Thwip. Love that!