Taking Kids on Vacation Is the Real Adventure


this is what you do on vacation when you have no phone, no internet access, no anything!

Some of you may, or may not, know your friendly neighborhood jman was on vacation last week with the kids.  And if my stupid iPhone didn’t get a little moisturized, we’d be knee deep in VACATION WEEK! right now.  But, events turning out as they have, you’ll just have to settle for this piece I wrote for parentsociety.com called:  “Taking Kids on Vacation Is the Real Adventure”.  That is, until I get all my VACATION WEEK! content off that fucking gosh darn phone!

In the meantime, I have prepared this sample for your viewing pleasure:

“Well, we’ve got to come up with a new word for going away with kids. Something like “workcation” or maybe better yet, “kidcation.” Yeah, kidcation, that’s it! Because going away with kids (big or little ones) is all the work of an adventure, without any of the sexiness of exploring/sightseeing.”

So…you taking/did you take a kidcation this year?!?!?

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  1. I feel your pain. My iPhone went swimming in my parents’ lake, and its waterproof container, AKA a Ziplock, didn’t so much protect it. Sooo frustrating!
    “Kidcation” so spot on! Nothing sexier than traveling with a group that you need to say things like “Do you need to go?”, “Don’t eat off the ground!”, and “Who is that smell coming from?” every 5 minutes!

    1. LOL!!! “Don’t eat off the ground!” That’s great!!!

      So…did your iPhone recover? or did you have to put it down?