What IS the Deal with VACATION WEEK!?!?

This post is another one of thoses that I usually save for the Editor’s page.  But, the back story to VACATION WEEK! is so complex (ie stupid), that I wanted to set it up here, because I don’t even visit the editor’s page that often, let alone anyone else.

I mentioned in “(What Should Be) Prelude to VACATION WEEK!”, that my plan for VACATION WEEK! got totally screwed up. All my content, all the pics I took, all the video…gone.  GONE!  Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives…

stupid iphone. make hulk cry.

Whoa is me.

But, I ain’t one to give up.  Well, actually I am.  But, this time…no!  Your friendly neighborhood jman is going to adapt.  Build off this monumental set back.  Learn from it.  Grow.

VACATION WEEK!  Will.  Live.  On!

But, before we dive right in, I wanted to set it up first.  Cause I know a few of you (I’m not mentioning any names, here.  Hint.  Hint.  Wink.  Wink.) are a little…ummm, slow.  So, I’m gonna go all Bizarro on you and start VACATION WEEK! backwards, with the ending first.  Epilogue 2, starting tomorrow (maybe), then head to Epilogue 1, then blah, blah, blah.  You’ll figure it out.  Trust me, much like “those” truths, it will all become self evident soon enough.

i'm sad too, Bizarro. Very sad.

And it’s all because of this:

stupid rain!

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