Bring on the School Uniforms!

In honor of Back to School, here’s a lil excerpt of the article I wrote for called “Bring on the School Uniforms.”

“Growing up, the mere thought of wearing a school uniform sent shivers down my pubescent spine. School uniforms were a total infringement of my first amendment right to free speech! Freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America! And no one was going to take that away from me.”

You can read the rest of this thought provoking article by clicking this link.  Or this link.  Or even this one.


“I wish every day could be like Back to School

And if could have one wish, come true

I wish every day could be, full of books and misery.

I wish every day could be like Back to School, I do

Honest I do, yes I do now

Very merry back to school”

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