Jakob’s thoughts on: His First Day Back at School

OR:  School Time on Planet of the Jakes.

“So, Jakob, how was your first day of school?” I asked, sitting down at the dinner table.

“Fine.” He muttered, not looking up from the plate of food in front of him.

“Any of your friends in your class this year?”


I looked at him, waiting for more of an answer.  “And they would be…”

“Friends.”  He shrugged.

“Like????”  I continued my line of questioning

“I don’t know.  Friends.” He shrugged again.

“Ok…”  I said looking around the table at the other kids.  “Friends.  Friends like Brian?  Is Brian in your class?”

Natalia nearly spit her food out from the sudden fit of laughter that caught her.  Everyone else around the table chuckled along.

“No.”  Jakob said, laughing himself.  “Brian’s not real dad.”

“Rightrightright.  I forgot.”  I said, thoughtfully.  “How bout the Antonios?  Are they in your class this year?”


“Ok.”  Time for another tactic.  “How bout lunch.  What you have for lunch?”

He considered the question for the briefest of moments.  “Uhhhhh…I forget.”

“Of course you do.  Of course you do.”  I did my patented eye roll.  “So…overall.  You had a good day.”

“Yup.”  Jakob said, not missing a chew of his dinner.

“Good.  Good.  Good.”  I said, looking at nothing in particular.  “That was fairly enlightening.  So, Jethro, how was your day…”

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  1. Wow! I’ve been having that conversation for the last 6 years with my 11 year old son. Must be a boy thing. My oldest daughter is 16 and I have to stop her from talking about school sometimes because my ears bleed from too much info. There are certain things you DO NOT tell your mom even if it is about your slutty classmates! Lol.
    How old is your son?

    1. LOL! What’s really funny is that i linked to another post I wrote last year about his imaginary friend. No lie, it’s pretty much the same conversation I wrote back then. Probably could’ve saved myself a lot of trouble and just cut and pasted the whole thing. :)

      My girls are the same way. They’ll say so-and-so is a slut. And I’ll be curious to know why, but it’s better off not knowing.

      Jakob’s turning 9 at the end of September.

  2. Mine are hit or miss, and sometimes getting anything out of them is like pulling teeth. On the other hand, this past Saturday, I was hanging out with the little one when she just started throwing out details for about 15 minutes straight. The funny part is about how quickly it can go from “this is awesome” to “okay you’re repeating yourself and not making sense anymore. Go to bed…” It’s a fine line.

    1. kids are random, aren’t they? mine are the same way. there are definitely different times of the day when they will talk more than others. just not at dinner. :)