The Unboxing of…Captain America.

A lifetime ago, or so, I collected action figures.  I admit it.  I say it loud, I say it proud softly, I say it with some amount of shame/embarrassment.  I collected toys.  I had a ginormous collection.  But, as it so often happens in life, “things” happen, and I more or less stopped collecting.  I actually donated (as in…gave away) most of my collection a bunch of years ago to local kids’ charities.

c'mon! c'mon! c'mon! no one cares bout the accessories. get to me, already!

Doing this blog, actually interacting with folks on the internets because of this blog, has really sparked the nerd/geek/derp in me.  Mostly my interest in toys and comic related stuff.  Guess you could just say I’m kid at heart.  Which we all know is code for nerd/geek/derp.  Just goes to show you, you can’t deny who you are.  No matter how you try or for how long.

Which brings us to the good Cap’n here. Sure, I’ve been out of the biz for awhile, but I still kept tabs on stuff.  Case in point, this article I wrote about Hot Toys a ways back.  I’ve done my best to stay away from any kind of comic book related toy products.  Especially those made by Hot Toys.  Why you ask?  Price, plain and simple.  Their figures are wicked cool, but the price point?  Not so much.  God, Hot Toys kills me.


I managed to successfully stay out of harm’s way for all these years.  Years!  Even after they released this sweet Captain America figure last year.  I stayed away.  Far, far away.  Look, it’s for the best for all parties involved, really.  This way no one gets hurt.

Hey you!

Over the summer, I went on my annual excursion with my buddy, Paco Reban, to Wizard World.  Lo and behold, one of the vendors was selling Cap here.  Cheap.  Wicked cheap.  But, still I walked away.  This shit is like crack.  Once you buy one figure, the next thing you know you’re doing things you don’t necessarily want to write about in your blog, just for a couple bucks to put to the next figure.

you lookin at my ass? ass looker!

I held off that long day at Wizard World.

you weren't planning on leaving without buying me, were you son?

Until I couldn’t hold off anymore.

Hi. My name is Jesse. I am a Hot Toys crack whore.

And thus, begins my tale as a Hot Toys crack whore.

why did you have to make me so AWESOME, Hot Toys?!?!? Why?!?!?

By definition alone, this figure is fucking awesome.  Look at him!

look at me!


you heard him. LOOK AT ME!

He comes with a shitload of accessories.

accessories makes Barbie hot.

There are some downsides to Cap, though.  Changing his hands is a real pain in the ass (Yes.  I did  change his hands.  Yes, I’ve been “playing” with my dolly.  Problem with that?!!?).

Barbie likes a lil of this, too. Asslooker!

And his eyes.  Something’s up with his eyes.  It’s like he’s constantly looking toward the sky or something.

you afraid to look me in the eyes?!?!

Whatever.  Still cool.

what's that? you sayin you do want a piece of this?


Now, I just gotta figure out a way to parlay this whole thing into Hot Toys sending me these figures at an extremely discounted rate (free?!?!).  Cause your friendly neighborhood jman is seriously hooked on these things.

Hi. My name is Jesse. I am a Hot Toys crack whore.

You can see more pics over on my Flickr

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  1. Those Hot Toys figures are amazing. I’ve been working extra hard to avoid getting them, especially now that they announced the Selina Kyle figure!

    1. i know what you mean. for real.

      my buddy’s all about that Selina figure. she’s cool and all. but, i staying focused on black widow. priorities. :)