Will the Real Mr. J, Please Stand Up?

i'll tell ya why I'm so serious...

So…just out of curiosity, how many of us went straight to the last page of the story to see what the Joker looked like? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone gonna admit it? I mean, we all knew that the Joker’s big reveal wasn’t gonna be until the last page, right? So… who’s (wo)man enough to admit they went right to the back of the book? Anyone? No one? Whatever…

Yea.  That’s it.  You want the rest?  Gonna have to go over to comicbookcritic.net to read the whole article, Will the Real Mr. J, Please Stand Up.  It’s your choice not to.  But, you’ll probably piss of that kid up there.  And you don’t want to know how he got those boo-boos.


image source:
joker kid:  mtvsplashpage.com

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