Song of the Week: Locked out of Heaven

Disclaimer:  I know in like three week’s time I’m totally gonna regret this piece.

But, I totally dig this song at the moment, so I’m gonna roll with it.

Besides, that’s why it’s called the “Song of the Week”.  Not the “Song of the Immediate Future.”  Oh.  Wait.  Never mind.

I don’t know what the deal is with Bruno Mars, whether he’s the real deal or just the flavor of the month.  I do know, however, that most of the songs he’s released so far have either bored me to tears or just downright annoyed me.  Like this one, for instance:

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The one decent song on his cd Doo-Wops and Hooligans, was the one that wasn’t even released as a single.  And I only know it cause I saw Mars perform it on the Grammy Awards earlier in the year (yes, I admit, I watched the Grammy awards.  But, only for the articles.).  That song was “Runaway Baby”.  Which, is kinda interesting, cause “Locked out of Heaven” is definitely in the same vein as “Runaway Baby”.  It’s got something to it.  It’s got a lil bit of r&b/funk to it.  A little bit.

I know.  I know.  I know.  When you look at your friendly neighborhood jman, the word “funk” is probably the last word that comes to mind.  But, believe it or not, I’ve got a little bit of soul in me.  It’s probably all the years of my folks listening to “the back in the day” dance parties on the radio growing up.

I’m on the night train. Bottom’s up. I’m on the night train. I’m ready to crash and burn. I never learn…

In those formative years of mine, I had some serious exposure to Earth, Wind and Fire, the Gap Band (who, as my brother likes to point out, doesn’t sing the song “Night Train”.  The Gap band sing “Party Train”.  But, you could see where the confusion would set it.  And furthermore, Charlie Wilson (from the Gap band) is still making music.  He recorded a song  with Kanye West and Jay-Z back in 2011 (don’t ask me how I knew that.  Just…don’t) ), Cameo and all that mid to late 70’s/early 80’s R&B.  And, listen, my folks are just as “white bread” as me, so if you’re asking where they got it from, I have no idea.

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Oh, and Yes.  The prog rock group Yes.  You always knew Ma wasn’t home when you heard Roundabout blaring through the basement like an underground nuclear explosion at Area 51.  But, that’s another tale for another day.

So while my diet through my teens may have been Metal, I was definitely spoon fed R&B as a kid.  Which, in a really “funny” way, brings us back to “Locked out of Heaven.”  That, as noted earlier, we’ll all be sick of in a few weeks.  Until then, as the wise Bill George Clinton says:  “…gotta have that funk.”

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    1. only cause it’s you, Andi-Roo, that i’ll let it slide. otherwise? “The Lazy Song” just rubs me the wrong way. Every time!