Discussion: Things Go Wrong for Me

I’m always honored when someone asks me to review something they’ve created.  I tend to think to myself (who else would I think to?  you?):  Me?  Review something?  Why me?  I’m always left wondering if the person in question has seen the work that I do before they’ve asked me to do said review.  But, in the end it doesn’t even matter, that’s on them, I suppose.

So, when one of my fellow bloggers, Rodney Lacroix (aka Moooooog35) asked me to read and review his new book, Things Go Wrong for Me, I initially thought “hells no!”  I hate doing reviews.  But, I was more than honored to do one of my soon to be trademarked “Discussions” of the book.  Which, quite frankly, is why I brought us all here together today.

Rodney tells some truly painfully embarrassing , funny-cause-it-didn’t-happen-to-me, stories.  Like the time he ate some chocolate (that turns out wasn’t quite chocolate), as a kid and was a million miles from home.  Or, as an adult, when taking his kids to Hershey Park, they ended up staying in a room at a hotel where some real funky stuff went down prior to his turn on some questionably clean sheets.

To say Rodney is a renaissance man, is the understatement of the year.  Besides being a wordsmith, he’s a man of pictures, as well.  Trained as an architect, the man’s true light shines in his use of the popular game Draw Something:

His dissertation on Match.com, and dating as an adult, is spot on.  From the stupid profiles, to the idiotic things people say/do , it’s all true. My personal experience with Match.com (and all that comes with it) mirrors what he states throughout.  And don’t even get me started on Vasectomy Diaries.  Talk about leaving you in stitches (get it?  no?).

I’m totally not recommending this book because Rodney and your friendly neighborhood jman seem to share similar life experiences (He, though, was smart enough not to have 4 kids.  Oh well.  His loss.).  Or that we have similar writing/creative styles.  No.  Not at all.  I’m totally saying the book is funny on it’s own merits.  Without my recommendation.  So, if you have a Kindle, or prefer the sexy touch of a book, then Things Go Wrong for Me, is something you may have to check out.

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    1. man! i’m getting bad, andi-roo. i let this one slip away.

      i think you should tell the truth, though. i’m your favorite person EVERY day! :)