Completely Random Photo of the Day: Fancy Tissues

Saline wipes?!?!?  Back in my day, we used a pressure washer to removed caked on “boogies”.  Or if you really wanted to have fun with your infant, one of these:


image courtesy of:

nasal aspirator:

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  1. I don’t understand why “regular” baby wipes wouldn’t work — which is what I used on both my kids’ noses. I could never bring myself to use the suction thing because I was always so scared I’d suck their brains out!

    1. because these are “saline” wipes. not whatever chemical infused nonsense “regular” wipes are!

      that was always my concern with the suction thing, too. but, their faces after you used it was too priceless NOT to do it to them. i began using it on them just for fun!

      i kid! i kid!

  2. I honestly think it’s just repackaging and trying to re-sell to the consumers…we’re that gullible to believe it. I don’t see why kids need half the stuff they get today…I didn’t grow up with half of that stuff….but apparently laws and regulations and “experts” tell us we need it….

    1. couldn’t agree more! who needs all this crap? i think we’re coddling our kids way too much…