Hey everyone! I got committed!

happy valentine’s day!

Ah, labels. It’s how we identify and define ourselves and each other, right? I’m a “this.” You’re a “that.” He/she/it is one of “those.” Without labels, where would we be? Probably a bit happier, but that’s an entirely different subject for another day.

Post-divorce relationships are interesting, to say the least. As a culture, we need to come up with some new terminology to show the level of commitment we have for one another, depending on the status of the relationship. Right now, either you’re single, or someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend, or someone’s wife/husband. Three terms covering all sorts of relationship scenarios? Doesn’t seem enough. Look, if the Eskimos can have 97 words for snow (OK … really it’s 12, but who’s counting?) we should be able to come up with some new dating/commitment terms.

LOL!  Who says your friendly neighborhood jman doesn’t have a heart?  Well, I do for one.  But, that’s besides the point.  I think.  Anyway.  Go check out the rest of this article over at parentsociety.com.  And after that?  Go rub your uglies against your sig other.  Cause it’s Valentine’s day, baby!


“You can’t start a fire, without a spark.
But there’s something that I guarentee
You can’t hide when the infection starts
Because love is a social disease…”


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  1. Congratulations!!! :) I think getting commited is an awesome idea :) My husband and I did something like this a while before we were legally married. It was fun.

    1. thank you! neither one of us is really “ready” to get legally married. the hassle of it all. but, that doesn’t mean we’re not committed to one another. :)