The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Pt1

Some people say Christmas is there favorite time of year.  Some people think summer.  Me?  Four days in February are my favorite.  Yes…96 hours in the dead of winter is my favorite time of the year.  What gives?  How could anyone possibly like the deadest, the coldest, the bleakest days in the year?  Well…I’ll tell ya.

I’m talking TOY FAIR!!!

Nice!!!!  Right?!?!?  Well, don’t get too excited for me.  It’s not like I went or anything.  I’m not fortunate enough to go to Toy Fair.  I wasn’t invited.  I’m just a dude writing a stupid blog about toys (cue the violins, maestro).  I don’t have, what you might call, any “influence” on anyone or anything (for that matter).  So, your friendly neighborhood jman doesn’t get to participate in such exciting events.

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 you really don’t have to listen to all 10 minutes of that

Instead, I’m “borrowing” some pics snapped by one of the GREATEST toy sites evAH, (Please guys, don’t make me take the pics down.  I’m totally giving you credit here.  Totally.  I love you guys.  For real.  Please?!?!?), so I can comment on what’s coming out this year. The stuff that’s really got me excited (in that non-sexy way, of course.  Ok.  maybe I’m lying a bit here.  Maybe a lil excited in that sexy way).  And one of two things that I noticed are completely…well, dumb.

i haven’t even begin to tell you how bad this figure is…

But, enough about me.  Let’s check out the toys!

Since I already pointed out how dumb that Darkseid figure Mattel is putting out (especially compared to the beast that is DC Collectibles version) Mr. Grundy here is probably the best place to start.  Grundy is put out by…yup, you guessed it…DC Collectibles.  And it’s supposedly the heaviest figure yet.  I didn’t know there was some benchmark for putting out the heaviest figure, but god bless.  Considering the size of DC Collectible’s Darkseid, Grundy has got to be one impressive figure.  Top of my want list.

From the “Death in the Family” story line that ran through the Batman books.  This Joker, by far, is the creepiest he’s ever been.  Can’t wait to have him staring me in the face everyday.

Is this the most awesome pencil cup you’ve ever seen?  The answer is “Yes”, by the way.  At +100 bucks it’s totally not worth it.  But, on the other hand, it is the most awesome pencil cup you’ve ever seen.  So…it’s totally worth it.  Just take all my dollars.

I’m on the fence about statues.  Actually, they kinda remind me of a line from the song “Porn Star Dancing” by My Darkest Days.  The line goes:  She’s got a pair that’s nice to stare at, but I want girls gone wild.  Admittedly, that’s a bit sexist.  But, I do have a point:  Statues don’t have any real functionality.  Throw in a high price point, and, well, what fun are they?  They’re just nice to stare at (btw, the opinions expressed in the song “Porn Star Dancing” are not my own.  I’m personally a rather am a big fan of…well, let’s just say My Darkest Days and I have a difference of opinion about certain things).

All that being said, I gotta point out these two statues.  The above superman one is pretty cool.  Even though, I never quite understood the cape + denim pants + work boots get up DC decided to dress the man of steel in with their New52 reboot.  Nonetheless, I’d probably consider buying it.  If I had a spare thousand dollars around.

Same goes for Kal-el’s cousin here.  Actually, I’d probably be closer to pulling the trigger on this one, than on the “average, everyday, superman” statue.  The whole 1940’s pinup motif?  I like.

Speaking of what I don’t like.  This. I don’t get this.  At all.  Even for kids.  All these pieces are gonna end up lost or in the trash.  To me, this is the worst part about Star Wars.  Stuff like this is everything I hate about it.  I can’t wait for this stuff to go away.

The new Black series, though?  It’s everything that I love about Star Wars.  This is the kind of thing they should’ve been putting out from the get go.  Not these 3.75 inch figures.  Yeayeayea.  I get the nod to the original Kenner line of Star Wars figures.  But…man!  You’re killing me!  They’re too small.  They try to squeeze far too much detail into them.  And they don’t stand well on their own!  Enough of the 3.75 figures already!

Even with the high price point for the Black Series ($19.99 or so I’ve read).  I’d consider getting some of these.  I believe Maul, Sandtrooper and R2 round out the rest of the line.  R2?  For real?  Of all the figures to do in this line…the inaugural line…they pick R2?  Beyond me.

Up next?  Part 2.  Same battime.  Same batchannel.

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