My Ridiculously Overpriced Want of the Week: Hawkeye

This is one of those times where I really want to kick myself in the arse.  This is one of those times where hand wringing and whining and all around second guessing don’t pay off (like they ever do).  Fate rewards the bold, not the timid!  And when it comes to Hawkguy, timid I was…

"hawkguy" it!
“hawkguy”…love it!

It’s kinda like this.  Hawkguy was one of the first Avengers movie figures Hot Toys released.  And believe you me, he’s flippin cool.  The catch is this:  He’s 185 dollars (American).  Look, you don’t need to tell me twice that 190 bucks is way too much for a figure.  I know it.  You know it.  The big guy knows it.  But, once you buy one of these things, Hot Toys owns you.  You are Hot Toys’ bitch.

Sideshow Collectibles (Hot Toys’ official distributor) does have a handy dandy “layaway” type option.  You can pay a certain amount every month, for a few months, to get the figure that you desire so badly.  It’s very convenient, and it kinda eases the pain of shelling out all the dough at once.  Kinda.  If you’ll permit me to be Frank for a moment, it’s really the only way to justify that expense.

just not this Frank.
just not this Frank.

Since Hawkguy was one of the first figures Hot Toys released from their Avengers line, there was no real way of telling what was coming after him.  Suresuresure.  It probably doesn’t take a genius to surmise that they were going to release ALL the Avengers at some point.  What matters, though, is how cool those other figures were going to be.

If you thought “cool” only mattered in high school, then you should know that high school never ends.  And when you can’t even justify one Hot Toys figure, there’s no way on god’s blue marble that your friendly neighborhood jman was getting all of them.  So, a decision has to be made.  Which figure to get?  And in order to decide that, you have to see what the other figures are going to be/look like.  And in order to do that, you gotta wait for Hot Toys to release said figures.  Because when you’re part of the general buying public, you’re not privy to release information.  Or, more importantly, release pictures.

So…wait I did.

Too long, actually.  Cause not only did I miss out on the payment plan option, but I also missed out on “the last minute, I hope to god I get it, Wait List option”.  What’s the “the last minute, I hope to god I get it, Wait List option” you ask?  It’s for folks like me who wait beyond the very last second to pull the trigger on a figure.  It’s the “hail mary” pass of the collecting world.  Sideshow gets a certain number of cancellation and such on their products.  Those cancellations then go to the miserable folks who missed out on the first time around, and are hoping beyond all hope that they can still buy the said figure at retail.  The wait list.

And I missed out on that.  Oh…I tried.  I got on the wait list.  But, to no avail.  Hawkguy is SOLD OUT.  As in…no longer available.  At retail, that is.  And believe you me, if I had a hard time paying $185 retail for him, there’s no way I’m paying after market prices for him.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 10.15.23 AM

Damn it!




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Hawkeye:  Sideshow Collectibles

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