My Ridiculously Overpriced Want of the Week: Super Alloy Superman


Play Imaginative announced recently they were releasing a DC new52 Superman super alloy 1/6 scale figure.  Whew!  God damn!  That is quite a mouthful.  What is it with these toys and these stupid long names?  It’s so much extra typing for me!  I just want to be lazy.  Can’t I be lazy and type less?!?!?  Im so used 2 txtin!


In any case…I digress

This.  Figure.  Is.  Awesome.  Look at it!  LOOK AT IT!!!

you!  look at me!
you! look at me!

Let’s start from the top.  It’s flippin die-cast? Really?  Supposedly 80% die-cast.  I would think that die cast wouldn’t lend itself to a figure.  It’s metal for the love of all that’s holy.  Not very organic.  For a Transformer, definitely.  A humanoid?  Not so much.  But, man!  Judge for yourself.

i know your specs aren't nearly this good.
i know your specs aren’t nearly this good.


Play Imaginative released a similar Batman die-cast figure based on Jim Lee’s work, sometime mid-2012.  That was a cool figure as well.  I remember being a little “WTF?!?” about the figure being die-cast, back then.  But, since Batman wears armor, the idea lent itself to the premise a little better.  And I accepted the die-cast.  Like that matters, it’s not like I bought the figure.

Supes comes with a couple extra goodies.  A crystal fortress base (what is it with Krypton always being represented in crystal?!?!  Is that it?  Can we not think of any other way to represent this old, advanced race?  Thanks Richard Donner!  Thanks a lot!).  And a really, really, really bad ass interchangeable head.  One thing I love is when the Supes gets all pissed off.  And with those heat vision eyes?  Damn!  Look at that sonavbitch!!!

you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!
you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!

Now this guy is the same size as the Hot Toys figures.  So, you’d figure it’s gotta be in that price point range, right?  Or at least close.  Nope! NOT EVEN CLOSE.  Superman is going for $363.00 over at Bigbadtoystore (guys, that’s an awesome plug, right there!  Can I get a discount?  Maybe 1%?!?!?  Please?!?!?)

sman 2

Needless to say, your friendly neighborhood jman isn’t going to be buying this one.  Forget our trusty Toy Valuation Theorem.  I can’t even reconcile the +180 price tag on Hot Toys figures.  Let alone almost 4 bills!?!?


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