Wizard World Philly 2013: Intro

i'm still excited looking at that sign!
i’m still excited looking at that sign!

For those of us unable to go to SDCC, Wizard World Philly has been our red-headed step child alternative (my apologies to all my red headed step child listeners.  I love you dearly.  I only speak figuratively, not literally.) to that expensive round of 7 seconds in heaven.

I’ve attended Wizard World Philly every year since it’s inception (I did miss one year, 2010.  That was a dark year, which we don’t talk about much) with my good buddy, Paco Reban.  Over the years, our wolfpack has grown first with Paco’s son a couple of years ago.  And this year with Jethro’s addition (as our pledge).

2013, though, was an additionally exciting year for your friendly neighborhood jman.  Nononono.  I didn’t get dressed up as the White Queen.  I don’t have that kind of courage.  No, this was the first year I attended the event as a “journalist”, courtesy of fanboyfactor.com.  Which is to say, I geeked out for extra days, not just my usual one.

next year!  i swear!
next year! i swear!

So, we’ve got a lot to cover over the next few days.  Look for articles about Wizard World Philly here on fadderly.com, on the Container and Fanboyfactor.com

It’ll be just like you were there.  Without all the stinky fanboys leering, and putting their misshapen paws all over you.


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White Queen:  jamiefayx.deviantart.com

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  1. Dude that’s so awesome! I’ve always wanted to attend WW in Philly! Not only because Philadelphia is one of my favorite places to visit but the event has always been on my list of to-do’s. I can’t wait to see your articles on this! Plus…a “jounalist” credential? Congrats to you my man! Hard work payin’ off!

    1. thanks! i appreciate that!

      i look forward to WW every year. it’s a lot of fun. this is the first year i’ve gone multiple days. which, kinda changes things up a bit. not so much in a rush to get through everything.

      they’ve already announced the dates for next year. gotta get there!!!