Tales from the Vacation: Family Edition 2013! the Finale.

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As much as I’d like to drag this series out for another day or 2, the (un)fortunate fact is, the rest of the vacation was fairly uneventful.  So much so, I can’t even throw my usual 3 or 17 stretchers in there to make the stories more appealing .  You know…”embellish”.

Of course, I’m completely and utterly lying about that, but as the wise philosophers Plato and Aristotle  Hall and Oates once uttered in song:

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In actuality, I’m just ready to move on.  Your friendly neighborhood jman’s been struggling to come up with witty ways to tell stories about what really ended up to be a surprisingly unrandom vacation.  Especially since I’ve got so many other idears waiting in the wings, I might as well just bring Tales to it’s untimely, yet somehow fitting, conclusion.

So, I leave you with probably one of the best moments of the trip.  And certainly one of the best images I’ve seen in a long time, if I do say so myself:


Until 2014, this has been…Tales from the Vacation!  Family Edition 2013.


There’s a new episode of yfn jman’s almost internet famous internet show on the horizon.  And believe you me, it ain’t as sexy as I’m leading you to believe.  It’s called bait and switch.

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