My Top 5 Songs Of All Time. Pt 2. The Top 4.

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Here’s the thing with coming up with a “top 5 songs of all time” list, it’s hard to narrow down to just 5 songs.  As seen in part 1 of this list.  The further I dug into the pool of potential songs, the deeper I got (tell me that ain’t a lil nugget of profundity!) and the more songs I could’ve included.

Especially when it comes to the bands that make up this list.  There’s usually at least one more song that could be included by said band on said list.  In a way, this also could’ve been a  “top 5 bands of all time” list, but that’s really a whole nuther ball of wax.  Something to explore another day when the gods leave me with nothing to write again.

To address the “extra” song(s) problem, your friendly neighborhood jman’s included a “see also” option.  An alternative, if you will.  An understudy.  A runner up.  In case the main song can’t fulfill the duties of the number it’s been assigned, the runner up will take over.

Whatever.  You get the point.

I know.  I know.  That makes this list way more than a top 5, but I’m not sure…who asked you?!?!?

Onward and up ward!

4)  “Panama”- Van Halen.  1984.  The album that tore the band apart.  “Too much synthesizer!” Dave exclaimed. “Too much touring” the rest of the band shouted out.  The real reason they broke up is probably lost to history at this point.  But, what a way to go out.  Top to bottom, 1984 is just an all around great disc.

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I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking:  “Panama?!?!?”  For real?  And I answer with a resounding “Fuck yea!”.  If there’s a defining Van Halen song, it’s “Panama”.  I realized it while watching Mclovin and the boys take out their aggressions on the police car in Superbad.  What a great and defining moment for a song.

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See also: “I’ll Wait”, “Unchained” and “Everybody wants some”.  Then again, there’s pretty much every David Lee Roth/Van Halen song ever made, too.

3)  “In the dark”- Billy Squier.  Stupid Billy Squier.  Had to put that video out.  The guy totally blew his cred on that one video.  The guy was the epitome of late 70’s rock god.  Then he had to go and prance around in pink pajamas and rip his shirt off.  Two words, Billy: dumb.  But, I know you don’t need me to tell you that.  See for yourself:

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I still find it amazing one music video could kill a career.  I’m sure Billy feels the same.  Anywho…we shouldn’t let that bit of travesty ruin the fact that “In the dark” is a righteous tune, by a formerly righteous rock god.

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My personal belief is that “In the dark” is one under-rated tune.  Completely under-rated.

See also:  “My kinda lover” and “Everybody wants you

2)  “Wish you were here” – Pink Floyd.  I’m gonna admit something here.  I wasn’t a Pink Floyd fan growing up.  I just didn’t get the big deal.  Their songs were long and strange and filled with odd noises, that quite frankly, scared the shit out of me.  My ol’ man?  Loves Pink Floyd, though.  Many a day I’d get off the school bus and hear Dark Side blasting. From the corner bus stop.  That was down the block  from my house.  When Dark Side was blasting, you knew mom wasn’t home.  There was no way on god’s blue marble that the ol’ man was getting away with that shit otherwise.

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As I’ve gotten older, not only have I grown to appreciate Floyd, but love them for all the insanity that scared the hell out of me before.

“We’re just…two lost souls swimmin’ in a fish bowl.  Year after year…”

See also:  “Time”, “Money” .  Fuck it.  Just go put on Dark Side for the 50 millionth time.  Before you do, go check out “Out of the Blue” by David Gilmour.  Do yourself that solid.  Find that song.  Give it a listen.  You will NOT be disappointed.

1)  “Everlong” – Foo Fighters.  What can you say about the Foo Fighters that hasn’t been said countless times in countless ways?  To sum it up as succinctly as I possibly can:

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God Bless the Foo Fighters.

See also:  “All my life”, “Best of you”, “Times like these” and pretty much the entire The Colour and the Shape disc

We are staring down the barrel of a new episode of your friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show.  Here’s a peak:

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