117: Is my dog depressed?!?!?

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This is our dog.  Snowflake.  No.  I didn’t name him.  The kids named him.  I really don’t want to get too much into his name here.  There’s just too much to say on that front.  We’ll save that for another time.  I’m here for a very specific reason.

the dog
the dog

Snowflake’s 11 years old.  And lately, I think he’s depressed.  Why’s he depressed?  I’ll tell you.  I changed his food recently. I didn’t downgrade his food.  In fact, I upgraded.  Instead of the by product infested nibbles, dibbles and shits I’ve been giving him, I bought him Iams for older dogs.

And, yes, Iams…if you want to send me a free bag of dog food for the plug, I’d be more than happy to accept.  No payola here.


He won’t eat it. I upgrade his food, and he won’t eat it.

Now look…before you start bitching at me, let me just say, I did mix his old food with the new food.  I don’t even know why I gotta do this to begin with.  Because this dog, probably like all the other dogs, will eat anything.

Dude.  This dog eats ANYTHING.  And now?  Now he’s getting picky?!!?  The dog is a canine vacuum.  If it falls on the floor, it’s his.  Leave something in the bathroom trash?  His.  Turn your back for a second, a second, and he’ll dive into the kitchen trash.  He’s eaten diapers, female sanitary devices and whatever other goodies he can find outside when he manages to escape from our yard.

yea...hey puked.  a few times.
yea…hey puked. a few times.

This dog ate a container of bacon grease.

But…you change his dog food, and he won’t eat.

Dogs and kids.  Stupid.

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Bacon fat:  hippieingeeksclothing.wordpress.com

Sanitary belt:  www.mum.org

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