Teaching your kid to drive. Part 2.

Catch part one here.

One of the most positive aspects of not dealing with shit, is the not having to deal with it.  It’s awesome, right?  Let’s kick that proverbial can down the road for as long as we can.  As my brother, @popeocoookietown, is fond of saying:  let future Jesse deal with the problem 1.


My brother being a wise man aside, the downside to not dealing with shit, is that eventually, shit has to be dealt with.  That’s the unfortunate part of life.

Case in point…Sarah getting her license.  She did.  She ended up getting it.  First time out, too!  A very proud moment for your friendly neighborhood jman.  Plus, with Sarah driving, it means less carting of kids around.  And that my friends, is almost worth the price of admission.

soon to become Dad's and Sarah's taxi service!
soon to become Dad’s and Sarah’s taxi service!


The thing is after your kid gets their license, you gotta insure them.  That’s the rub of it all, isn’t it?  And let me tell you something.  That’s when shit gets real.

In hindsight, it was probably better for Sarah that I didn’t look into insurance for her ahead of time.  Because if I had, she probably wouldn’t be driving right now.  Or, ever.

I don’t really want to get into specifics here, but to insure her with the insurance company I had, it would’ve tacked onto my monthly bill and additional 200 bucks.  Which, is ri-goddamn-diculous.  My ex-agent had the nerve to tell me that a) she couldn’t give me an exact quote until Sarah physically had her license and b) I should be happy she’s not a boy.  Because boys, apparently, cost a helluva lot more to insure.

Good to know.  Good to know.  Jethro and Jakob…thank our helpful ex-Nationwide agent for the information she provided ensuring you won’t be driving.  Ever.

"maybe dad won't notice, Jake?!?!"
“maybe dad won’t notice, Jake?!?!”

But, no.   That information wasn’t much of a consolation.  So, I ended up switching to a new insurance company.  The one with that annoying spokes(wo)man, Flo.  Yeayeayea.  I know.  I know.  She’s stupid annoying.  Sorry.  I’m not happy bout that.  Or proud.  What can I say?  The rates were right.  And by “right”, I really mean the less offensive of all the rates I was quoted.

uh...is it me or is zombie Flo kinda...hot?!??!
uh…is it me or is zombie Flo kinda…hot?!??!

Our deal (“our” being Sarah and myself) is that she has to pay half for the insurance.  Which, was probably just as much of a wake up call to her as it was to me.  I had this impression that she was saving all her money for a car.  Which is great!  Cars are great to have.  The thing is…you gotta insure them.  Gas them.  Maintain them.

It’s all a scam.  The man just trying to keep us all down.

And that’s yet another thing “they” should teach you in school.   How to keep on avoiding shit, even after it’s time to deal with it.


The new episode of your friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show is up and ready for your peepers:

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Avoidance boy:  www.irkworks.com

Dad’s taxi service:  www.zazzle.com

Zombie Flo:  www.rightthisminute.com

  1. Nonono.  My brother’s real name isn’t “Jesse”, too.  That’d just be weird.  But, I thought it would be even weirder to put his name in there beings you don’t know who he is.  Whatever.  It’s my site.  Go scratch.

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    1. right? forgot algebra! how bout dealing with your crazy kids?! that’s a real class!

  1. Jman, thank you so much for inviting me to your site and linking me to this adventure with you, Sarah and the insurance company. The story? Brilliant. Just brilliant. I have learned much from you already. This is how a website should appear. The photos. The guy crying and the vehicle in the pool nearly had me in tears I was laughing so hard. The video. Have to get back to writing, but I’ve bookmarked your site so it will be easy to find whenever I need a good laugh, which is pretty much everyday. “The man just trying to keep us all down.” Hilarious. Friendly warning, “I’ll be back.”

    1. you are too kind! far too kind! come back as often as needed. and comment just as much! i always appreciate the input!