Discussion: DC Collectibles New52 Super-Villains Joker

Ahhhh…the Joker.  The crown prince of crime.  The yin to Batman’s yang.  I gotta be honest with you, the Joker has never really be one of my favorite Batman villains.  A bit sacrilege to say, I realize.  That’s why I’ll probably be going into the witness protection program shortly after this article is published.


Don’t get me wrong, the Joker’s ok and all.  I mean he did kill Jason Todd (I think.  I mean, he did kill him pre52, at least.) and crippled Barbara Gordon, but…I don’t know.  He just looked ridiculous doing it. When I look back on older images of Joker, there’s something comical about them.  Any not in a scary kind of way either.  More of a “quaint” kinda way.  It really wasn’t until Ledger’s role as Joker, did I really respect what the character could be about.

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