117: Audio, Audio. Where art thou, Audio

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God damn!  It is good to be back!  What the hell is going on?!?!?

If you haven’t been following along at home, we’ve been having some audio troubles here at your friendly neighborhood jman studios lately.  And by “some”, I mean a complete audio break down.  And by “lately”?  I mean since episode one.


All because of this!  This cable.

Damn you.  Damn you, cable.  I smote thee to hell.

We haven’t had a new show in quite some time.  And for good reason.  A few weeks back I had recorded an entire episode of my other show, your friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show, only to find out while editing the episode that there was a really annoying electrical hum running through what I had recorded.

All of it.  Everything I had filmed.

And like I said, it’s the same hum I’ve been dealing with to some degree or another since show one.

But, certainly not to the extent that I had with that last episode of the internet show.

That was just the beginning, though.  Solving the problem?  That was a whole nuther ball of proverbial wax.

It wasn’t just a matter of solving the problem, either.   It was more a matter of solving the problem, cheaply.  That’s the caveat. Cause both these shows?  I do for the love.  I don’t make dime one off of any of this.  And when you got four kids?  There’s no such thing as “disposable” income.  So, there was no throwing the monies at the problem to make it go away.

Oh…and not to mention, quickly.  The other goal was to solve this problem as quickly as possible, so as not to interrupt the show schedule.

I was totally not successful in that regard.

The whole thing was a study in the process of elimination, with a healthy dose of youtube education mixed in.  I started by replacing the microphone and worked my way off that.

yea.  i waited in that line.  as if.
yea. i waited in that line. as if.

I went to every Radio Shack and Best Buy in my area.  Even Guitar Center.  Man!  Did I get a lesson in how not to use adapters in that store.

to many adapter = end of world, apparently.
to many adapter = end of world, apparently.

In the end, I did what I should’ve done in the very beginning I bought a digital audio recorder.  Only if it was that simple, though.  Cause I had to find a recorder that fit in my budget.  Which, saying my budget is non-existent is wrong.  It’s more a negative budget.  A black hole, if you will.

So, I sold some thing, but the money together and bang!  We are back in business!  Well, at least we will be.

Right after I take a nap.


Images courtesy of:

audio adapter:  www.actionlifemedia.com

Best Buy:  www.infendo.com

cable:  www.zzounds.com


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