My Top 5(ish) things in December’s Previews

We all know that Wednesday is the best day of the week, amiright?!?!  Well, there’s even a more special Wednesday that comes just once a month.  It’s usually the same Wednesday of every month, too.  But, your friendly neighborhood jman always forgets, so when I walk into my local comic shop, it’s like doves pooped extra special sprinkles on my day.

spread the joy, my bird friends!
spread the joy, my bird friends!

What in the name of all that’s great and holy am I talking about?

previews December


Let’s get to it…shall we?!?!?


Pariah #1 (of 8):  Dark Horse Comics.  With a tagline that screams “Genetic Manipulation Gone Mad!” you’d be mad not to pick up the book.  Genetically modified scienticians + falling satellites = 15 minutes of fun (What?  How long does it take for you to read a comic?!?!?).  Well…hopefully it’ll be 15 minutes of fun. 


Forever Evil #6:  DC Comics.  Well…duh.  I’ve been saying just about every month that I’m following this thing to the end.  With a cover like that and rumors of a “new” (spoiler alert?) Nightwing bounding about the internets , you I just gotta see where this thing ends up!

And…that’s where I gotta cut you off.  But…if you like what you see so far, then head on over to, to see what’s left on My Top 5(ish) Things in December’s Previews.  You’ll be sorry you did!

Yes…I meant “sorry you did”.

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