Discussion: Three Bats and a Cat


Four figures.  Man!  I usually don’t like to review this many at once, but it just sorta came together that way.  Actually, I’m really only looking at three, cause the fourth figure?  I am just not crazy about at all!

But, we will cross that bridge soon enough.  In the meantime?  Strap in, yo!

3 bats and a cat Batman Arkham origins

First up?  The best figure of the lot.  Batman from Arkham Origins by DC Collectibles.  I wasn’t real sure about this figure at first.   A few folks out in internetsland were saying how bad the paint apps were on the figures they got.  Sometimes these things are to tell while the figure is in the packaging. 

3 bats and a cat batman arkham origins loose

But, I’m happy to report, I can’t say the same with the figure I got.  The paint looks good, the joints are tight. A real nice, solid figure.  Definitely a keeper.

3 bats and a cat vampire batman

Next up:  Vampire Batman from Mattel’s Batman Unlimited line.  From DC Comics’ Batman and Dracula:  Red Rain.  Kudos to Mattel for pulling off not only an “original” Batman figure, but a downright creepy one at that.  Now, I know that DC Collectibles (then known as DC Direct) released a righteously creepy Vampire Batman figure, but it was technically from the follow up to Red Rain, Crimson Mist…so, I’m saying DC Direct’s Vampire Batman is different.

3 bats and a cat vampire batman

Besides, who wants to pay inflated after-market prices when you get can an equally serviceable figure at or slightly above retail?!?!?  Not I, said the spider to the fly.

3 bats and a cat batman vampire

Ok.  Okokok.  Here’s where we gotta get into the shit.  There’s these last two figures.  Batman and Catwoman from the Batman 66 line.  I’ve gotta tell you, your friendly neighborhood jman’s got mixed emotions about the whole Batman 66 phenomenon, in general.  Let alone these two figures.  I know most of the interents is all a ga-ga about the Batman 66 resurgence, but I’m just not a huge fan of the property.

In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s because of this show that I wasn’t a big fan of Batman growing up.  And  listen…I was just a dumb kid when I first watched those shows in the late 70’s as reruns.  What the hell could I have known back then?!?!?

Plenty, apparently.

3 bats and a cat batman 66 catwoman

I will give Mattel this…the packaging of this line is pretty clever.  Here I go again about packaging!  Believe you me, this is definitely one of those lines that you’re best off just leave carded.

3 bats and a cat batman 66 catwoman loose

Because I like to build up and not tear down, let’s start with the good decent.  Catwoman. All told, she’s not too bad.  I’m not sure if her likeness is supposed to be based off of Lee Meriwether (me-OW!) or Julie Newmar’s.  It doesn’t really matter, I suppose.  I’m just saying if I knew her likeness was based of Lee Meriwether’s, I’d probably be a bit more forgiving.

hubba hubba.
hubba hubba.

If you’re silly enough to open this figure, be warned…she ain’t gonna stand on her own.  You either need the included stand or some tacky wax.  Otherwise, you’re gonna have a bad time be dealing with the domino effect (or is it affect) with your figures.

3 bats and a cat batman 66

Then…then there’s Batman.  I gotta be honest here.  I’m not impressed with this figure at all.  At.  All.  He’s flimsy.  His joints are all sloppy.  He’s skinny.  He doesn’t stand well.  Ugh!  I.  Just.  Do.  Not.  Like.  This.  Figure!!!


Yea.  The likeness is spot on.  Big deal.  The figure is so fragile, it’s not even worth the time.  What makes it worse is that he’s retailing at $19.99!  He’s 22.99 at Toys R Us!!!

Thank god I didn’t pay full retail for him!

So…there you have it.  Two figures worth getting.  One not bad.  And the last?  You’re better just throwing your 20 bucks in the trash.

Remember that episode of the internet show I did about Darkseid?  You don’t?!?!  Then get your remembering on!!! 

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