My Top 5 (ish) Things in January’s Previews


As another January settles upon us, like a python on it’s prey…coiling around our bodies, slowly squeezing the life out of us before unlocking it’s jaws and consuming us whole…


january 2014 previews cover

I think I’m suffering from that seasonal affective disorder or something.  But, hey…before we sink any lower into my wintery miseries, how’s about we take a look at the book that brings a lil bit of sunshine into our lives, Previews!

january previews black-canary-and-zatanna-bloodspell-hc

1)  Black Canary and Zatanna:  Blood Spell:  DC Comics.  I’ve always been a fan of these two fishnet wearing heroines.  I’m not sure what it is about them (probably the fishnets), but I’ve always enjoyed their supporting cast adventures.  Now that they’ve teamed up?   All the more reason to get the graphic novel.


2)  DC Comics Cover Girls Poison Ivy statue:  DC Collectibles.  I curse myself over and over and over again for not getting Sideshow Collectibles Poison Ivy statue.  Over and over again.  Of course it was something like 300 bucks, so I don’t curse myself that much.  Still, this statue looks like it could be a fair substitute.  All cheesecakey and such.

And, that’s the end of that chapter.  Well…unless you head on over to to check out the rest of my article, My Top 5(ish) Things In January’s Previews.  You will be sooooo happy you did!  I swear!

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