Where Would We be Without Disclaimers in Commercials?

Better keep away from the old folks, too.

So…I’m watching TV the other day, which because of my celebrity lifestyle, I don’t get to watch very often.  And while I’m staring into the vapid void of 21st century entertainment, this commercial comes on:

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No big deal, right!?!  Stupid laundry detergent ad.  But, when it came on again (5 minutes later), I must’ve been somewhat paying attention because I caught this disclaimer:

disclaimer detergent

That disclaimer ran from the beginning of the ad til the end.  Don’t believe me?  Go ahead watch it again.  I’ll wait.

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Told ya!

Let me ask you something…is it me or is that one stupid annoying commercial?

Never mind.  I already know what the answer is.

I gotta tell you, it’s a pretty sad statement on the litigious affairs of our country that a laundry detergent manufacture has to run that kind of disclaimer through an entire ad.  And, yes, I am aware that back in 2013, a child died eating one of these laundry detergent pod things.  It’s a sad, unfortunate accident, which had nothing to do with a parent’s ineptness.  I’m pretty sure we all know by now to keep laundry detergent away from kids.

Better keep away from the old folks, too.
Better keep away from the old folks, too.

But, thanks Gain, for letting us know we should keep detergent that looks like candy, away from kids.  Man!  I don’t know what I’d do without that disclaimer.

Like, maybe, not buy that shit anyway because it’s a complete and total rip off?!?!?


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    1. lol!!! oh yea! they’re the best toys! especially when they put them over their heads!

    1. listen…don’t joke. it just may happen! all’s it takes is one lawsuit and WHAM! we’ll all be walking disclaimers!

  1. As if the commercial isn’t sickening on it’s own..laughing out loud…Warning: You may be tempted to throw a brick through the screen. Keep large objects away from adult juveniles…Disclaimers slay me. Like the med disclaimers listing side effects ad nauseum. Laughed all the way through this, but I might have nightmares expecting incredibly giddy choir members to terrorize me.

    1. for real! how annoying is that choir. and how long was that song pinging through your head after?

  2. It is crazy how even bloggers have to ad disclaimers but it is more of about protecting our rears in case someone decides to blame us for a mistake. I can see that kids could easily mistake the new pods as candy but then again you should keep those types of products locked up and out of reach. However, if your child is a monkey its possible that you have to figure some other to keep them out of the bad stuff.