The Trials and Tribulations of New Phone Buying.

ahhh...the memories!

It’s that time, once again, for your friendly neighborhood jman.  Time to lock myself into two more years of substandard phone service and outrageously priced data plans all for the pleasure of owning a wicked sweet smart phone.

"...she's my ball and chain.  my lock and key and she'll always be wrapped up around me..."
“…she’s my ball and chain. my lock and key and she’ll always be wrapped up around me…”

I was being facetious through most of that, fyi.  Except the owning of a wicked sweet smart phone.  That part?  I’m as serious as a heart attack.  One of the things I don’t talk much about on this site is one of my other loves…technology.  Especially gadgets.  I love ‘em both.  I don’t think there’s a technological gadget out there I couldn’t convince myself that I need.  Or, in the very least, make my life utter and completely complete.

Phone buying is a special kind of torture, though.  It’s almost as bad as car buying, but on a smaller scale.  For the two months prior to my new phone buying date, I’ve been driving myself (and everyone around me) nuts.  Why?  I shall explain, henceforth…

ahhh...the memories!
ahhh…the memories!

I’m an Apple guy.  Have been for years, way before I even bought my first mac product back in 2002 (a 12.1 inch 500 mhz G3 iBook.  Yea…I still know the specs), I’ve been a Mac Guy.  I had the first generation iPod, one of the last generations of the PowerPC Power Macs and the original iPod Touch (if that doesn’t establish my cred, then neither will the fact I’ve owned more than a few other iterations of the ubiquitous (I love that word!) iPod).

yea...i think i pretty much have bought/owned all of these
yea…i think i pretty much have bought/owned all of these

So, when the iPhone 4s became available on America’s largest 4g LTE network, Verizon, I bought that sonuvabitch (when it was time to renew my policy, of course.  I’m dumb, but I ain’t an idiot.  Papa don’t buy no full priced, unlocked phones).

And now?  The rest of the family is part of the Apple cult.  The girls have iPhones.  The boys have iPods.  We use FaceTime and iMessage.  We all have sworn our allegiance to the flag of the United States of America almighty Apple.  But, I haven’t been feeling “it” for the iPhone 5s.  It just hasn’t been getting me all hot and bothered.  See…the 5s runs iOS7, which my 4s already runs.  So, there’s nothing new there.  And hardware wise?  The 5s is a lil bigger, and has that thumb scanner thing, but…otherwise?  I’m not getting all hot and bothered!

And that bothers me!

This is where the driving of the nuts part I mentioned early comes in.  Because for the last two months, I’ve been considering switching back to Google/Android.  Yea.  That’s right.  Back to Android.  The worst phone platform ever.  Android is like the Marvel of the phone world.  In two words:  sucks.

they are soooo CUTE!
they are soooo CUTE!

LOL!  I kid.  I kid.  I love Marvel.  And Android.  Love it enough that I’ve been staring down the barrel of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for the last few days.  Yea.  I know it’s big.  I get that (a lot).  But, it’s a helluva phone.

And everyone thinks I’m wicked stupid for even considering it.

It’s a tough decision.  I can be bored with the same phone (more or less) or head back into the wild west of the cell phone world.  Where everything can be customized and anything you download might just brick your phone.

are you the one!?!?
are you the one for…me?!?!?

Before we part ways for the day, let me ask all you Apple fanatics out there something…aren’t you the least disappointed waiting in those lines year after year for the newest iphone, only to find that it’s just the smallest of upgrades?!?!  How do you do it?



It’s rerun time!  Remember that show I did about my stupid kids breaking my limited edition, super rare MJ statue?  No?  You don’t?!?!?  What the heck are you waiting for?!?!?


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    1. ahhh…funny you should say that…cause that just might be coming up in the near future!

      i know all about buy stuff for “your wife”, btw. not your wife, per se. but “the wife”.

    1. you know…this is how i feel about it…if i’m gonna lock myself in for two years…i want something new. exciting! and the 5s just isn’t doing it for me. as i see it, it’s not that much of an upgrade.

  1. I really don’t get why people line up to get the latest anything . Why not wait a few months until the bugs are worked out save a little longer and get a deal.

  2. We went through this process Jan 2013 and we opted for an andriod phone. I didn’t want the new slender version of the iPhone. We ended up with the HTC one X+ which isn’t available any longer. It had a short life cycle. We are available to upgrade in July of this year and I have no clue what we will end up buying.

    1. I was looking at the latest HTC one. i was pretty close to getting that. then i decided to get the iPhone 5s. then i saw the samsung galaxy note 3. and i knew my life wasn’t going to be the same. :)

  3. I have needed a new phone since summer and have not bought one because I have been laboring over the same two phones (oh, and that little thing called money)! Dieing to know what you choose and how you like it. Just don’t get HTC, it sucks!

    1. it is not an easy decision. so many options. too many, really. i ended up getting the Galaxy Note 3. and have been fighting myself from returning it every day since i got it. :)