Completely Random Photo of the Day: Gecko Book

completely random gecko book

So, I’m at my local Barnes and Noble recently.  I’ve been trying to track down a book my past few visits there.  The book, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, to be exact.  Every time I go to this particular BN the handy dandy computer says (like computers can talk) that the book is in stock.  But, I can’t find it anywhere on the shelves in the Self Help section.  Anywhere.

completely random gecko

The helpful sales associates can’t ever seem to find the book, either.  It’s like it’s there, but not really.  Sort like me at work.

Of course, the helpful sales associates do offer to order the book for me, or send me to another Barnes and Noble to pick up the book, but, it’s really not that important.  Besides, I don’t want to pay full retail for it.

What can I say?  Thank Amazon for that.

Anywho, where was I?  Where was I?  Oh.  That’s right.  Barnes and Noble.  So, your friendly neighborhood jman’s combing through the stacks once again when I come across this title on the spine of one particular book:

completely random gecko spine

“There is no way on god’s blue planet that book is referring to the Geico Gecko.” I thought to myself 1.  I tried to ignore the little voice in the back of my head, but that bastard’s persistent, ya’know?!?  So, I went back and pulled the book off the shelf.

completely random gecko book

Sure as shit!  The Geico Gecko.  Show of hands…which of you out there in New Internetsland has bought this book?  You realize it’s a spokesanimal for an insurance company, right?!!?  Now, before we all pick up some nice size rocks for the stoning of you, I’m just gonna give you a moment to answer why.  Of all the self help books out there…even the not so serious ones…you had to buy the one of a mascot of a car insurance company?!??

I thought so.

that's a good one!  that one's really gonna smart!
that’s a good one! that one’s really gonna smart!

Let the stoning commence!

But…not before you check out the latest episode of the internet show…


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  1. Who else would I think to?  You?

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