My Kingdom For…An Ice Making Fridge

the replacement

A few years ago, our ice making fridge went on the fritz.  Twas a sad day in the jman household (and by “sad”, I really mean “frustrating as hell”, cause I did what I could to save the sonuvabitch, that is to say my ol’ man did what he could to save the sonuvabitch, but it just wasn’t happening). The fridge had a good run, though, so I really couldn’t complain.  Especially since, at the time, we were a two fridge house.

With the timely passing of our primary fridge, the backup fridge got the nod from the house manager (your friendly neighborhood jman) to hit the mound, and things went back to their quasi normal state.

oh my!  would you look at all that ready made ice!
oh my! would you look at all that ready made ice!

The backup fridge, though, is a non-ice making fridge.  It’s the good ol’ “fill the plastic trays up with agua (that means water in Spanish) from the sink, stick it in the freezer and 30 minutes to an hour later?  Presto! You have ice” kind of fridge.

That sort of fridge really goes against my instant gratificating American ideals, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

So…where does the problem lie?  Besides being a spoiled American?  The problem lies where all problems lie…with my kids.  They must think that ice grows on trees or something, because they NEVER REFILL THE ICE CUBE TRAYS.  It doesn’t matter how many trays we have, either.  Six or sixteen.  Those kids of mine just take what they need and put the tray back.

fresh from the freezer!
fresh from the freezer!

This is what happens when you don’t send your kids to finishing school.

Because the “proper” protocol when dealing with a non ice making fridge is to take what ice you need, put the rest of the ice in the ice cube bucket (also located in the freezer), refill the now empty ice cube tray with water, stick it back in the freezer, wait the obligatory 30 minutes to an hour and…Presto!  More ice!

and would you look at that?!?!?  an empty "bucket".
and would you look at that?!?!? an empty “bucket”.

Apparently, my kids didn’t grow up in “the time before ice making refrigerators”.  Because, back in my day, putting an empty ice cube tray (or even missing a few cubes) back in the freezer?  That was paramount to treason.  It was also an excellent way to get yourself screamed stupid.

What I should’ve done when the primary fridge passed, was go out and buy a new one, instead of promoting the old one.  But who wants to spend a thousand bucks on a fridge when a) you already have a perfectly functioning fridge and b) there are a million other things in the jman household that require my financial attention at the time (and since), that I’m (still) diligently ignoring.

And that, in a nutshell, is why I proclaim:  MY KINGDOM FOR AN ICE MAKING FRIDGE!


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  1. A losing battle. I suppose, like me, you also pull empty cereal boxes off the shelf, and empty juice containers out of the fridge? Oh, and my favorite, containers of leftovers with barely 1/2 a bite left in them – you know, in case a mouse stops by for lunch…

    1. wow! i’m glad it’s not just me. my favorite is the empty containers put back in the fridge. why?!?!

  2. Our ice maker is on the fritz too. It decided to quit making ice and I got it working again after changing the filter. Then it would only produce a tray of ice every day or so if I was lucky. We opted to buy ice instead of getting it fixed.