Song of the Week: Feels Like the First Time

song of the week feels like the first time

Man!  I can not believe how long it’s been since we’ve done a Song of the Week!  It was last year even!  Although, truth be told, your friendly neighborhood jman was considering doing a song of the week for Pharrell’s “Happy” about a month or so ago. But…hey!  Thank god I didn’t right?!?!  Looking back at it now, how bad would that have been?  How dated would that have been on my part?  And how sick of that song are we all now?

what can I say?
what can I say?

I mean, I still dig it and all.  But, that’s just me.

Anyway, for this addition of Song of the Week, I’m gonna go classic rock on your ass.  I’m talking total AOR (that’s what we in the biz call “album oriented rock”). I’m talking 1977.  I’m talking self titled debut.  I’m talking bell bottoms and guitar gods.  Get ready to let your late 70’s freak flag fly…I’m talking “Feels Like the First Time” by Foreigner.

God!  That was one helluva build up!

Do yourself a solid, though.  Don’t listen to the radio edit.  Please!!!!!  Don’t listen to the radio edit.  The “Ben FM” radio station of your city still plays the radio edit of this song.  You gotta listen to the track off the disc (that’s why it’s called album oriented rock.  Duh).  The radio edit cuts out two of the best parts of the song.  The first one is the little drum stutter eight seconds in.  You might think it’s hysterical, the way I cut you down it’s just a drum stutter (or whatever they call that in the drumming biz), but it totally sets the tone for the song.

But, the really best part? That begins around 2:58 and ends around 3:12.  I believe those in the music biz might call that the “bridge” of the song.  Whatever it is…between the guitar work, the drums and Lou Gramm pleading to open up the door…god!  It’s the best!

song of the week feels like the first time

And they flippin cut it out in the radio edit!  Stupid!  Just to save 14 seconds!  I know a better way they can save some time…stop playing Bieber’s music!  You can save a shitload of time that way!

Btw…that youtube performance I included up above?  Totally lip synced.  I’d wager all my children that was not a “live” performance.  Did you catch the way Lou Gramm was hitting that tambourine, though?  Damn!   Lip sync’d or naught, he played that thing like he was totally teaching it a lesson!


A new show is just around the corner!  In the meantime, best catch yourself up on the latest episode…there’s gonna be a quiz!


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  1. I enjoyed the “devaluation of Hawkeye” more than I expected to for a couple of reasons, the main one being, you could stand up there and give a demonstration on slicing bread and make it entertaining, but I DID know that action figures are highly prized when they are in pristine condition, unwrapped and so forth.

    What fascinated me was the amount of packaging and the care and time it must have taken to get all the little arrowheads and separate bows and quiver (I keep shouting QUIVER!!! at the screen, for reasons to be divulged later) wrapped up, and packaged so neatly and completely. While I understand the need for that, the essential tremor part of me is yelling NIGHTMARE!!! because unwrapping anything, or buttoning anything is nigh unto impossible. I CAN hoever, play the viola and type like a fiend. Let’s give a great, big cheer for muscle memory!

    I am not so much into action figures, although I seem to be collecting dragons now, because I play Runescape and am a high-level player. That’s how I know about the quivers and the bows and all that shit. I mostly play with very expensive swords in the 35mil gp range and am a meleer, however, my ranging and maging are coming up behind me. The owners, in an effort to keep the high-level players interested, keep coming up with new and better stuff, but as the game is 13 years old now, it is a question of how long this can go on. I am no where near ”maxed” on any of my skill sets, but I have learned new and interesting ways to die, so there’s always hope for me!

    Some day, I must go to a comic-con and I do so hope to run into you and we can spread our brand of crazy around. I, too have never grown up. I pay my bills, and take care of my shit, but I still love my toys! Peace out, J-man, you are always entertaining and always give me a lift! Mary xoxo