Fellow Dumpster Divers…Seize the Day!

act casual dog.  they'll never know the difference

With 15 minutes left at work on a Friday afternoon, I get the text that everyone dreads:

“Dad.  Snowflake got into the trash.”

Well, take out the name “Snowflake” and insert the name of your animal (or kid) and then ask yourself:  are there any other combinations of words that can strike so many different emotions in an adult?

happens to the best of us.
happens to the best of us.

The text came from Natalia, who stopped by the house on her way to her mother’s for the weekend.  Apparently, the boys didn’t put the dog away in his cage before leaving for the weekend.

I give Natalia some credit.  She cleaned up most of the mess before she had to leave. Plus, she’s had to clean up the mess of the dog getting into the trash a time or two before.  So, I kinda felt bad.


Cause usually it’s me who has to clean up the leftovers from our little dumpster diver.

nothing really to do with the post.  i'm just gonna get the dog this costume for halloween.
nothing really to do with the post. i’m just gonna get the dog this costume for halloween.

Believe you me, I was still expecting the worst as I unlocked our front door.  Much to my surprise, though, it turned out to be not that bad.  Mostly coffee grinds in a nice little pile off to the side of the fridge door.  That was Natalia doing, I think.  Not the dog.  The dog doesn’t tend to be that considerate when he’s hunting trash.

After finishing up the job, I let the little suspect out of his cage.  He totally played it cool, too.  Heading straight to the back door probably to relieve himself of the evidence that was playing carnage to his lower intestines.

Which, he totally deserved.

"i didn't do nothing"
“i didn’t do nothing”

All of that happened in a span of 30 minutes, by the way.  From the time the boys left, to the time Natalia got back, about a half hour passed.  That dog wastes no time.  You know what they say…Waste not want not.  Or is it:  The early bird gets the word.  Wait.  Maybe it’s:  Carpe diem.  Yea.  That’s more that dog’s motto.  Seize the day!


The new episode of the Almost Internet Famous Internet show is up!  And I can’t even fathom what you’re waiting for!

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  1. I hate it when our dogs get into the trash and tear it up. Thankfully, I have small dogs and they haven’t knocked it over yet. They will pull something out if they can reach it, well its mostly one dog that does it.

    However, if you drops a napkin, paper towel, kleenex, or toilet paper, I have a dog that will shred it or eat it.

    I have three silly dogs.

  2. Hi,

    How can I get the stormtroper picture in high definition for print.
    Will really appreciate it for one of my best friends.

    Kind regards,