It’s July already!?!?

july featured

Ahhhh…the dog days of summer are finally upon us.  Remember all that snow we had just a few short months ago?  God!  I still get nightmares from it!  I’m not sure I’m ever gonna recover from that winter.

Anywho, what better way to enjoy summer then in a nice air-conditioned room, a glass filled with your favorite ice-cold beverage and the new issue of Previews!  Starting with:

star lord coat

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy:  Star-Lord Deluxe jacket.  I’m telling you.  I’m gonna look so bad ass walking around in this jacket.


DC Heroes:  Joker Skin adult mask.  I can not wait to scare all the lil kids on my block with this mask.  On Halloween.  Not any other day of the year.  Nonono.! That’s just wrong.  Yes.  Very wrong.

Head on over to the to read the rest of the article:  the jman sayeth:  My Top 5 (ish) things in July’s Previews.  And don’t forget to tell ’em Jeffrey Jefferson sent ya!


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