Toy Review: Zing Toys Firetek Bow and Arrow


Once again, your friendly neighborhood jman and crüe were lucky enough to get our collective hands on some “experimental” weaponry thanks to Anne and Zing toys.  Of course, by “experimental” I really mean “new”.  But, the tech this new bow and arrow set were sporting certainly makes it feel “experimental”.

toy-review-firetek-bow-18That’s because the Firetek bow and arrow set light up.

Yea.  That’s right.  Both the bow AND arrows light up.  All those nighttime skirmish where you end up loosing all your ammo?  Those days are gone.

When you grab the bow and press the button on the handle, the ends light up.  We had the bow and arrow out both dusk and night.  Although you can see the lights at dusk, the effect is way more impressive in the dark.


More importantly for night time raids, the shaft of the arrows light up, as well.  Each has a switch on them, so you can turn them on and off.  Which is very convenient.  When you turn them on, though, they glow up red.  What’s really nice about the Firetek arrows is they’re designed a bit different then the Z-tek arrows.  They’ve got a bit more plastic on them, and of course since they light up, they’ve got a battery on board.  What’s so great about that?  I’ll tell ya.  Since they’re a bit heavier, they fly A LOT higher and further then the Z-Tek arrows.

We took the new bow and arrow, along with the Z-Tek bow, out to a field by our house.  When I tell you, we were sending those suckers flying, we we’re sending them flying.  We all took turns chasing them down.  After a while, though, we smartened up and took positions on opposite ends of the field, then fired them at will at each other.


The Firetek set comes with 3 whistling “bullet” type arrows, as opposed, to the one suction cup arrow (along with 2 bullet arrows) included with the Z-tek arrow set.  Don’t worry, you won’t miss the suction cup arrow.  Besides, all the arrows work with both bows, so you’re good that way.

The sets are available in green and red.  We got the green set, so we 1 totally felt like Arrow.  I suppose if you got the red set, you’d feel like Arsenal, but I’m not quite sure.

The sets retails for $29.99 and will be available in the fall.  Believe you me, you’re totally gonna want to do yourself the solid and at least get a set.

  1. “we” being “me”

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  1. thanks for the great review. my grandson loves Zing bows. he is going to the dentist today to have caps put on a couple of teeth. he is nervous to go, but he is being brave.