She gets…cold?!?!

she best get fries with that, too.

I noticed something weird the other day.  I’m in the van, cursing the radio as usual for playing the same old shit, when finally I decided upon the Doors’ “Break on through”.  Now that song is almost 50 years old.  Me?  I’m 44.  Needless to say, I’ve been hearing “Break on through” for a long fucking time now.

When the hell did they restore the song?  I didn’t even know the song needed to be restored.  But, apparently it did.  The version I’ve been listening to all these years?  Morrison repeats “she gets” four times toward the end before moaning as only Jim Morrison could.

But, lately?  There’s a “high” tacked on to the “she gets…” part.  The song’s been censored?!?!?  All these years?  And just now they’ve finally decided to uncensor it?!?!? WTF!  This is 2015, right?  Did the word “high” continue to offend our delicate sensibilities 20 years ago?!?  FYI.  20 years ago wasn’t the 70’s, folks.  20 years ago was 1995.  I think folks were getting high back in 95.  And probably using the word “high” in general conversation, as well.

mmmm...finger lickin' good
mmmm…finger lickin’ good

My main problem isn’t with the censorship, per se.  It’s mostly how the word “high” totally throws off the groove of the song now.  It was always like Jim just couldn’t put his finger on how this gal got.  He couldn’t decide if she got “crazy”.  Or maybe “horny”.  Or maybe “a bucket of chicken”.  Whatever this girl’s thing was…it perplexed him enough for him to trip over the word to describe her.

Now she gets “high”.  Big deal.  Might as well be:  “she gets…tired and cranky and goes to bed before the 10:00 news.”


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