I got the sweetest hangover…

hangover mummified monk

You know that ugly feeling you get when you’ve napped too long?  God!  I hate that feeling.  That groggy hangover kinda feeling, but without all the drinking fun beforehand.  It takes forever to regain some feelings of consciousness.  Man…it’s the worse.

Well…just imagine how this cat is going to feel when he wakes up.   Talk about a sleep hangover.

hangover mummified monk

Everyone on the internets has been reporting about this 200 year old mummified monk, who some experts believe isn’t dead.  He’s just in a “very deep meditation”; a rare spiritual state called “tukdam”.  First of all, I can’t even sit still for 5 minutes without having to use the facilities, let alone over 200 years.  Although, that may just be a problem I need to consult with my doctor about.  And Detrol LA, may just be right for me.

oh...we're just heading to the mall.
oh…we’re just heading to the mall.

200 years?!?!?  Could you imagine?  That isn’t like:  “Back when I was a kid, we didn’t have cell phones” old.  That’s more like:  “Back when I was a kid, the War of 1812 was still all the rage.  Damn those Red coats” old.

Alas, though…the dailybeast is reporting that the monk, probably won’t be pulling a Steve Rogers anytime soon.  Which is just as well.  The thought of catching up on 200 years of porn would probably give the poor guy a heart attack.

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