Review: Zing Toys Firetek Rocket


Awww….Spring.  Nothing says Spring has finally decided to show up like chirping birds, kids playing basketball and the sound of arrows whizzing in the air.

Jakob and I (and members of his crüe) were lucky enough to test out some of new Firetek’s gear.  To do so, we grabbed the rest of our Firetek weaponry and headed to a local grassy knoll to test out Zing Toys new Firetek Rocket.


This new set comes with a sling shot-like launcher and two light up “rockets”.  The rockets are of the similar design to the Firetek arrows, but significantly bigger.  And just like the Firetek arrows, with a flip of a switch, the shaft of the rocket lights up.  Which is kinda awesome, especially when you’re playing in an overgrown field.  You’d be surprised how quickly those red rockets manage to camouflage themselves into green grass.  But, thanks to the light up feature, no rockets get left behind.

The launcher is simple enough to use.  Just hook the rocket onto the handle’s bungee cord, pull and fire!  After a bit of fumbling on our part, we had those rockets flying high and far.  According to the packaging, the rockets can fly 250 feet.  I don’t know if you know this or not, but that’s pretty far.  Especially when you’ve got to chase down said rockets.


My suggestion?  Bring a “fetcher” with you.  The problem with a “fetcher”, though, is that eventually they want a turn.  You can try to put them off for as long as possible, but after awhile, the whining will only get on your nerves.

Or…you can get two sets of the Rockets.  They retail for $14.99/each and an extra set will save you all that trouble of chasing them down (or having to rely on an easily distracted, whiny “fetcher”).  With two sets you just fire them back and forth at each other.  And everyone’s happy!

The Firetek Rocket is available now at your local retail establishment.


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Thanks to our friends at Zing Toys for sending us the samples to review.

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