Of bad attitudes and tech dudes

Of bad attitudes and tech dudes

Of bad attitudes and tech dudesWhat is it with tech guys?  Why are tech guys such tools?  I’m not being stereotypical here, either.  I’m speaking anecdotally.  As anecdotally as this past weekend, as a matter of fact.

With my oldest daughter being home from college for the summer, the fights over the TV have already begun.  To ease my suffering, and avoid a nuclear disaster at Chez jman, I decided to take yet another financial hit and buy a second TV for the gamers residing in my house.

After a quick search on the internets, I found a desirable TV for the right price (that is…fit the space on my credit card) at Best Buy.  Much to my chagrin, though, after making the trek to the store, the desirable TV was only available online.  I could’ve purchased it from the website and had it shipped to the store, but…impulsiveness.

Besides, there was a comparable TV at the store; comparable in every way, even down to the price (spoiler alert:  or so I thought).  As I was contemplating a decision, a handy dandy Best Buy employee was making his way down the aisle.   “Do you need any help, sir?”  He asked.

Ok…now, here’s the thing.  He was walking down the aisle.  He asked me if I needed any help.  I didn’t seek him out or anything.  “Sure.”  I replied, pointing to the TV I wanted.  “I want to get this TV.”

“Ok.”  He said, quickly scanning the displays.  “Uhhhh…I don’t think we’re carrying that model anymore.“  He said, pointing to a large empty space.  “It’s an older model. Sorry.”


“We do have the newer model, though.” The gentleman offered, motioning to another TV not far from where we were standing.  “It’s basically the same TV.  Same manufacturer and all.  The newer one is 720p.”

1080p. 720p. whatever it takes.
1080p. 720p. whatever it takes.

“Oh…ok.”  I paused for a moment, looking at the new model.  1080p?  720p?  What’s the difference?  So…I asked.  “What’s the difference?”

Pointing at the empty space, my oh-so-helpful Best Buy employee replied, “That one was 1080p.”  Motioning to the new model on display, “That one isn’t.”

I stared at him for a moment.  I’m pretty sure my cakehole was agape.  This cat had to be fucking with me.  I stared at him a bit longer, waiting for a follow up.  Until there was none.  And that’s when I laughed in his face.   Mr. Best Buy looked at me as blankly as anyone could.  Clearly…I was the idiot here, which made me laugh even more.

Let me tell you something, if I didn’t need that TV so fucking bad (remember…I’ve got North Korea/South Korea tensions going on in my house) and wanted to use my Best Buy card, I would’ve left that chrome-Millennium-Falcon-belt-buckle-wearing tech derp holding that TV right where he stood.

i shit you not. he was wearing this very buckle
i shit you not. he was wearing this very buckle

I didn’t though.  I just laughed all the way over to the register.  Clearly, I was the idiot there.

Moral of the story?  I’d rather take my car to a shady mechanic, then deal with a tech guy.  At least the shady mechanic, doesn’t make you feel like an idiot when he’s ripping you off.

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