your friendly neighborhood jman

“I was born under a bad sign, left out in the cold” Fool for Your Loving –  Whitesnake
“Cause chaos, rock like Amadeus” Cowboy – Kid Rock

If Dick Clark was known as America’s oldest teenager, then Jesse Gormley (aka your friendly neighborhood jman) would be known as it’s oldest juvenile.  Born towards the end of the “age of Aquarius” (1970), Jesse lived as vanilla a childhood one could live.  And, truth be told, continues hence. Jesse’s interest range rather narrowly from music to comic book/toys to “raising kids”.  A self proclaimed “exaggerator” and “his generation’s Mark Twain”, Jesse fancies himself more a “storyteller” than a “writer”.  And he’ll tell you that, as well.  Repeatedly. After a few fits and starts over the years, Jesse founded the blog, Fadderly (the name his kids called him when they were younger) in July of 2011.  And, quite literally, hasn’t stopped since. When asked what drives him, what he truly is after in his heart of hearts, the father of four pauses for a moment, reflectively.  After a long moment of consideration, he answers quite frankly:  Sleep.

-Jesse “jman” Gormley  11/21/12