So You Fancy Yourself an Archer

so you fancy yourself an archer

Over this past glorious weekend, your friendly neighborhood jman (as well as Jethro and Jakob) got our collective hands on some serious weaponry, all thanks to my main man Dan over at Zing Toys.  Good fortune smiled upon us by way of an Air Hunterz Z-Tek crossbow, an Air Storm Z-Tek Bow and a set of Sky Gliderz planes.

As I know you’ll recall from my excursion to Toy Fair 2014, I got to fool around with the Air Hunterz crossbow.  Man!  Did I fall in love with that thing.  Forget sugar plums dancing in my head.  I’ve been dreaming of that crossbow and all the ways I would waste no mercy upon my scion since I handled that magnificent piece of plastic.  Believe you me, I was prepared to make them both pay for all their past transgressions (I defy you to tell me those last two lines weren’t poetry in motion).

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My Kingdom For…An Ice Making Fridge

the replacement

A few years ago, our ice making fridge went on the fritz.  Twas a sad day in the jman household (and by “sad”, I really mean “frustrating as hell”, cause I did what I could to save the sonuvabitch, that is to say my ol’ man did what he could to save the sonuvabitch, but it just wasn’t happening). The fridge had a good run, though, so I really couldn’t complain.  Especially since, at the time, we were a two fridge house.

With the timely passing of our primary fridge, the backup fridge got the nod from the house manager (your friendly neighborhood jman) to hit the mound, and things went back to their quasi normal state.

oh my!  would you look at all that ready made ice!
oh my! would you look at all that ready made ice!
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Planet of the Jakes: Crisis of Infinite Shirts

planet of the jakes crisis shirts

I was ironing some clothes, prepping  for yet another day in paradise, when Jakob came sauntering into the laundry room (where I perform this daily sacrifice ritual.  Every morning.  What can I say?  I’m far too lazy to drop off and pick up my shirts at the dry cleaners.  Far too lazy.).

“Dad…”  Jakob slightly whined, milling around the ironing board, shirtless wearing just a pair of track pants.  “Do I have shirts to wear that I like?”

I glanced over at him, puzzled.  Was this some sort of belated April Fool’s joke?  Does he have any shirts to wear that he likes?  What kind of question is that?  How should I know?  Even if I did know, the kid changes his mind what he likes, like the weather changes on an early Spring day. 

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The Jman and Jethro 2nd Annual Pilgrimage to the Lego Store

back again!!!

For the second year running, Jethro and I hopped into the family roadster and drove the 2700 seconds to the Lego Store in King of Prussia, to celebrate his birthday once again.

This time, though, instead of going during the week like we did last year, we went on the weekend.  And…Wow!  What a difference there is from a weekday visit to the Lego store than a weekend visit.  Where last year we pretty much had the run of the store (except for the occasional pesky parent and kid combination every now and again ruining our good time), this year?  This year the store was packed!

2nd annual lego store

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