It’s a freakin lightsaber! C’mon!!!


Hot on the heels of Disney/Lucasfilms release of the new Star Wars teaser trailer, your favorite fanboys, Brian Isaacs and your friendly neighborhood jman, take a long, hard look at the best 88 seconds any Star Wars fan has seen in a very long time.  And, of course, comment on all the internet rage about a certain lightsaber. 

Head on over to the to hear how we try and talk down some Internetsland inhabitants off their Star Wars rage cliff.

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It’s July already!?!?

july featured

Ahhhh…the dog days of summer are finally upon us.  Remember all that snow we had just a few short months ago?  God!  I still get nightmares from it!  I’m not sure I’m ever gonna recover from that winter.

Anywho, what better way to enjoy summer then in a nice air-conditioned room, a glass filled with your favorite ice-cold beverage and the new issue of Previews!  Starting with:

star lord coat

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The word continues to spread. Like a virus…


awww…shit! the Fanboy Factor podcast (which coincidentally enough stars your friendly neighborhood jman) is getting some props!  check it out:

“This show has started out really well, they are four episodes in and already I think they have a great formula. You can get news from the comic culture from a lot of places nowadays, but these guys are a great place to park your podcast app for a while and check out. The Fanboy Factor website is home to a ton of great content and the owner and curator of the site is on this show! And it’s not the only podcast they have to offer! They host podcasting veterans like The Next Issue, and they also have some great back episodes of pod like 4 Guys a Girl and a show and Kornercast! A ton of info on the site with reviews for just about everything, so go check out the website and then go check out the show! Don’t forget about that subscribe button!” 

Check out the whole article over on #fortheloveofpod

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Saga continues…(as it were)

Saga continues...(as it were) featured

Photo May 18, 8 37 10 AMI admit here and now, I didn’t get on the Saga bandwagon initially. For a long time, even.  Because, I had a feeling it was just that…a bandwagon thing.  When the internets get all hot and bothered about a book, I tend to ignore it.  It’s just how I am.

But, that’s not to say I didn’t try it.  I bought the first trade shortly after it was released.  I didn’t get far, though.  I just couldn’t get into it.

It’s just how I am.

After months of relentless bothering from friends and the internets alike, I picked the first trade up again, and forced my way through it.  And I admit here and now (again), this time I liked it.  So much so I tracked down the old issues and got myself caught up.

What can I say?  It’s just how I am.

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The Steam Wars.

review steam wars

As you could probably guess based on the cover (and “they” say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover!) and the title of the book, Steam Wars #1 by Antarctic Press is quasi-based on a sci-fi fantasy you may have heard of a time or two…Star Wars

review steam wars

Steam Wars #1, as you might also surmise, is a steampunked version of Star Wars.  Now, if you’re thinking Steam Wars is just a shot by shot re-telling of A New Hope, ala the 1998 remake of Psycho, you’d be thinking wrong.  It’s more than that.  Steam Wars #1 takes elements of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back for a clever new telling of the Star Wars mythos.

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