Tales from the Vacation 2014: The trouble with Creamer.

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To wind down our coverage of Tales from the Vacation 2014, your friendly neighborhood jman brings you a very special episode of the Almost Internet Famous Internet “mini” Show.  Yup…that’s right! We’re crossing the streams here!  It’s the “mini” show meets Tales from the Vacation.  All the goodness of Tales from the Vacation, without all those stupid words to make your eyes and brain hurt.

Moving pictures, I tell ya!  It’s the wave of the future…

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Where on Earth(s) is the Crime Syndicate from?

Where on Earth(s) is the Crime Syndicate from? featured

Transcript provided by your friendly neighborhood jman

And that, my friends, was the Crime Syndicate from 2010’s DC Universe animated movie, Justice League:  Crisis on Two Earths.

I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking:  Who?

or what

exactly is The Crime Syndicate?  I don’t mind saying, that’s a great question on your part.  A fine one indeed.

And I’m not just kissing up here.

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