Of bad attitudes and tech dudes

Of bad attitudes and tech dudes

Of bad attitudes and tech dudesWhat is it with tech guys?  Why are tech guys such tools?  I’m not being stereotypical here, either.  I’m speaking anecdotally.  As anecdotally as this past weekend, as a matter of fact.

With my oldest daughter being home from college for the summer, the fights over the TV have already begun.  To ease my suffering, and avoid a nuclear disaster at Chez jman, I decided to take yet another financial hit and buy a second TV for the gamers residing in my house.

After a quick search on the internets, I found a desirable TV for the right price (that is…fit the space on my credit card) at Best Buy.  Much to my chagrin, though, after making the trek to the store, the desirable TV was only available online.  I could’ve purchased it from the website and had it shipped to the store, but…impulsiveness.

Besides, there was a comparable TV at the store; comparable in every way, even down to the price (spoiler alert:  or so I thought).  As I was contemplating a decision, a handy dandy Best Buy employee was making his way down the aisle.   “Do you need any help, sir?”  He asked.

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A Discourse in Online Dating. Or, Insanity squared

A Discourse in Online Dating.  Or, Insanity squared

After a 5 year relationship ended about a year ago, it was time for your friendly neighborhood jman to dive back into the muckity muck that is the middle age dating scene.  Although, for any number of reasons, I’m not exactly sure why.  I mean, I’ve got a pretty happy, fulfilling life as it is.  True…I hate my job with the passion of a thousand burning suns and all, but it’s not like having a woman in my life is going to change all that.  Wanting to be in a relationship has got to be some kind of base biological need hardwired deep in the most primitive parts of our brains.

Either that, or just the need to get laid.

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Word Abuse: Sea Salt

wtf is Chia, anyway?!?!?  isn't that the crap they make pets out of?!?!?

Here’s a tip for all you budding entrepreneurs out there in New Internetsland.  Got a new product you’re trying to sell?  Then make sure you emblazon the words “Sea salt” anywhere on the package.

Looking for a license to print money?  Who isn’t?!?!?  Look no further!  “Sea salt” will take you to the promise word abuse sea saltland!  Hawking a new cracker?  Bor-ing!   Throw the words “Sea salt” in there and suddenly you’ve got a one way ticket to Moneytown. 

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Fellow Dumpster Divers…Seize the Day!

act casual dog.  they'll never know the difference

With 15 minutes left at work on a Friday afternoon, I get the text that everyone dreads:

“Dad.  Snowflake got into the trash.”

Well, take out the name “Snowflake” and insert the name of your animal (or kid) and then ask yourself:  are there any other combinations of words that can strike so many different emotions in an adult?

happens to the best of us.
happens to the best of us.
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Man’s Inhumanity to Man: Pimento loaf

I was at my local food store, doing what I do best, avoiding housework buying food for the animals 1 under my care, when I came across a package of Pimento loaf.

mans inhumanity to man

Well…now, that’s a bit of a lie on my part.  I didn’t exactly come across the Pimento loaf (also known as Pickle and Pimento loaf.  Also known as “OMG-I –think-I-just-threw-up-a-bit-in-my-mouf”).  I was buying luncheon meat for Jakob (cause he just has to be allergic to Peanut Butter and make my life that much more difficult, of course).  Which, in the refrigerated section, is where I found several packages worth of Pimento loaf.

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