Song of the Week: Feels Like the First Time

song of the week feels like the first time

Man!  I can not believe how long it’s been since we’ve done a Song of the Week!  It was last year even!  Although, truth be told, your friendly neighborhood jman was considering doing a song of the week for Pharrell’s “Happy” about a month or so ago. But…hey!  Thank god I didn’t right?!?!  Looking back at it now, how bad would that have been?  How dated would that have been on my part?  And how sick of that song are we all now?

what can I say?
what can I say?
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My Top 5 Songs Of All Time. Pt 2. The Top 4.

Catch up on number 5 here

Here’s the thing with coming up with a “top 5 songs of all time” list, it’s hard to narrow down to just 5 songs.  As seen in part 1 of this list.  The further I dug into the pool of potential songs, the deeper I got (tell me that ain’t a lil nugget of profundity!) and the more songs I could’ve included.

Especially when it comes to the bands that make up this list.  There’s usually at least one more song that could be included by said band on said list.  In a way, this also could’ve been a  “top 5 bands of all time” list, but that’s really a whole nuther ball of wax.  Something to explore another day when the gods leave me with nothing to write again.

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My Top 5 Songs of All Time. Pt 1.

I get asked all the time:  “My friendly neighborhood jman, what are your top 5 favorite songs of all time?”  And by “all the time”, I really mean never.  It’s more something I think about way too much.  So, I decided to finally make a definitive list.  This way, when the paparazzi are hounding me as I’m leaving McDonalds for the 4th time on any given day, I’ll be able to give them a straight answer.

can't you vultures leave a guy to his big mac(s)
can’t you vultures leave a guy to his big mac(s)

To compile this list, I had to have some qualifications.  The song had to be at least a few years old.  New songs don’t really count.  Not that there’s that many decent new songs out these days, but still…they’re new.  New things are exciting.  They’re shiny.  They haven’t been broken in enough.  They haven’t stood the test of time.

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The Wayback Machine: A Love Bizarre

i'm more than qualified to pilot this thing...
i’m more than qualified to pilot this thing…

Guess what everyone?!?!?  It’s that time again!  It’s time for another trip in the Wayback Machine.  So, gather up your belongings, and take small children by the hand.  And, btw, make sure you take ALL your trash AND all your kids with you this time.  I gotta return this thing back to Cern when we’re done with it.  And, those scienticians don’t want your shit, ok?!?!?  Besides, they’ll just turn your kids into dinosaurs or zombies or something like that if you leave them behind.  And you don’t want that…do you?  Uhhhhh…nevermind.

Anyway…buckle up.  Cause here we go…

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Song of the Week: Locked out of Heaven

Disclaimer:  I know in like three week’s time I’m totally gonna regret this piece.

But, I totally dig this song at the moment, so I’m gonna roll with it.

Besides, that’s why it’s called the “Song of the Week”.  Not the “Song of the Immediate Future.”  Oh.  Wait.  Never mind.

I don’t know what the deal is with Bruno Mars, whether he’s the real deal or just the flavor of the month.  I do know, however, that most of the songs he’s released so far have either bored me to tears or just downright annoyed me.  Like this one, for instance:

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