Of bad attitudes and tech dudes

Of bad attitudes and tech dudes

Of bad attitudes and tech dudesWhat is it with tech guys?  Why are tech guys such tools?  I’m not being stereotypical here, either.  I’m speaking anecdotally.  As anecdotally as this past weekend, as a matter of fact.

With my oldest daughter being home from college for the summer, the fights over the TV have already begun.  To ease my suffering, and avoid a nuclear disaster at Chez jman, I decided to take yet another financial hit and buy a second TV for the gamers residing in my house.

After a quick search on the internets, I found a desirable TV for the right price (that is…fit the space on my credit card) at Best Buy.  Much to my chagrin, though, after making the trek to the store, the desirable TV was only available online.  I could’ve purchased it from the website and had it shipped to the store, but…impulsiveness.

Besides, there was a comparable TV at the store; comparable in every way, even down to the price (spoiler alert:  or so I thought).  As I was contemplating a decision, a handy dandy Best Buy employee was making his way down the aisle.   “Do you need any help, sir?”  He asked.

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add line cutters to the list of people who never prosper

Natalie...don't look at it!

Spoiler alert!  We’ll be talking about “chuck” in this article.  You know.  Upchuck?  Puke?  Hurl?  Heave?  Retch?  I’m sure you get where I’m going, here.  Be warned, if you’ve got a sensitive constitution, best click here to view something a bit more pleasant.

It’s amazing what a little bit of regurgitated foodstuffs can do to a gaggle of people.  Take, for instance, what happened to Natalia and your friendly neighborhood jman while we were standing in line at a Chick-Fil-A at one of our local malls.

add line cutters to the list of people how never prosperPaint, if you will the picture of you and I engaged in a kiss this picture for yourself.   It’s the silly season, we were at a mall, and the lines at the food court were as long as the day is long (Wait a minute.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how that idiom goes.  Oh well.  You get the point.).

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The Importance of Toothbrushes

say a prayer for those left behind

Disclaimer:  What you’re about to read was recounted to me by NataliaYour friendly neighborhood jman did not witness any of these events.

The kids were getting themselves ready to go on vacation with their mother for a week’s stay down the shore.  Amidst all the chaos of packing for a week, in a matter of five minutes, a fascinating rule was discovered…

“Nat!”  Jakob said, carrying all his worldly possessions in a bag, down the steps into our living room.  Jethro trailed right behind him, lugging his life away, too.  “Nat!  Can you believe this kid?”

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Planet of the Jakes: Crisis of Infinite Shirts

planet of the jakes crisis shirts

I was ironing some clothes, prepping  for yet another day in paradise, when Jakob came sauntering into the laundry room (where I perform this daily sacrifice ritual.  Every morning.  What can I say?  I’m far too lazy to drop off and pick up my shirts at the dry cleaners.  Far too lazy.).

“Dad…”  Jakob slightly whined, milling around the ironing board, shirtless wearing just a pair of track pants.  “Do I have shirts to wear that I like?”

I glanced over at him, puzzled.  Was this some sort of belated April Fool’s joke?  Does he have any shirts to wear that he likes?  What kind of question is that?  How should I know?  Even if I did know, the kid changes his mind what he likes, like the weather changes on an early Spring day. 

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Wizard World Philly 2013: The Sights and Smells. Pt 1

i'm still excited looking at that sign!
i’m still excited looking at that sign!

You gotta love comic book conventions.  Your friendly neighborhood jman’s been going to them for almost 20 years now.  They’ve definitely changed over the last few years, in size and scope (back in my day we had to walk 15 miles in the snow to get to a comic book convention).  But, the heart of it remains the same…comic books buying stuff. 

Wizard World Philadelphia was founded circa 2002.  I did a quick internets search, but couldn’t nail the year down (Updated!  From Wizard World themselves!  The Con started in 2001.).  Regardless, the first couple years of the show were big to-dos, with all the big comic book companies taunting us with their goodies.  But, by the mid 2000s, Wizard World was looking a bit…lean.  So much so, that you had to wonder if the year you were in would be it’s last.  But, by the beginning of the 2010s, the momentum had shifted and Wizard World Philadelphia is finally returning in strength and size.

Nope…that ain’t the end of the article.  Hells no!  Let me tell you, that is one long article.  And it’s only part 1?!?!?  Head on over to Fanboyfactor.com to read the rest of Wizard World Philly 2013:  The Sight and Smells Pt.1

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