it’s the Newsbox!


I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking: “What’s the dealy-O?!?!?  Where’s all the delicious new content that I’ve become so custom to seeing from my friendly neighborhood jman?”

Well…the answer to that question lies in:  the Newsbox.  We’ve moved all the pop culture content and gave it it’s own address:  We’ve got all kinds of crazy shit going on over there.  New podcasts, new YouTube shows, plenty of news and so much commentary, well…it’ll probably make you a lil sick to your tummy.

So what of yfnjman?  Well…here’s hoping the big guy upstairs grants me some time to once again regale you with more personal stories about raising four kids.  Cause Lord knows, I’ve got ’em.  Stories, that is.  And kids, too.

Check back often.  But, not that often.

Love always…and in all ways.


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Review: Zing Toys Firetek Rocket


Awww….Spring.  Nothing says Spring has finally decided to show up like chirping birds, kids playing basketball and the sound of arrows whizzing in the air.

Jakob and I (and members of his crüe) were lucky enough to test out some of new Firetek’s gear.  To do so, we grabbed the rest of our Firetek weaponry and headed to a local grassy knoll to test out Zing Toys new Firetek Rocket.

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Who knew Wonder Woman’s history was so secretive?!?!?


Let’s play a game of “six degrees of separation.” I’m going to link Wonder Woman to one of the leaders of the birth control movement from the turn of last century, Margaret Sanger. Yes, that Margaret Sanger; the same woman who coined the words “birth control” and opened the first birth control clinic in 1916. Not only am I going to link the most popular superheroine of all time to Sanger, but I’m going to do it in two legitimate steps.


Ready? Here goes:

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It’s a freakin lightsaber! C’mon!!!


Hot on the heels of Disney/Lucasfilms release of the new Star Wars teaser trailer, your favorite fanboys, Brian Isaacs and your friendly neighborhood jman, take a long, hard look at the best 88 seconds any Star Wars fan has seen in a very long time.  And, of course, comment on all the internet rage about a certain lightsaber. 

Head on over to the to hear how we try and talk down some Internetsland inhabitants off their Star Wars rage cliff.

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