Toy Review: Zing Toys Firetek Bow and Arrow


Once again, your friendly neighborhood jman and crüe were lucky enough to get our collective hands on some “experimental” weaponry thanks to Anne and Zing toys.  Of course, by “experimental” I really mean “new”.  But, the tech this new bow and arrow set were sporting certainly makes it feel “experimental”.

toy-review-firetek-bow-18That’s because the Firetek bow and arrow set light up.

Yea.  That’s right.  Both the bow AND arrows light up.  All those nighttime skirmish where you end up loosing all your ammo?  Those days are gone.

When you grab the bow and press the button on the handle, the ends light up.  We had the bow and arrow out both dusk and night.  Although you can see the lights at dusk, the effect is way more impressive in the dark.

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It’s July already!?!?

july featured

Ahhhh…the dog days of summer are finally upon us.  Remember all that snow we had just a few short months ago?  God!  I still get nightmares from it!  I’m not sure I’m ever gonna recover from that winter.

Anywho, what better way to enjoy summer then in a nice air-conditioned room, a glass filled with your favorite ice-cold beverage and the new issue of Previews!  Starting with:

star lord coat

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The word continues to spread. Like a virus…


awww…shit! the Fanboy Factor podcast (which coincidentally enough stars your friendly neighborhood jman) is getting some props!  check it out:

“This show has started out really well, they are four episodes in and already I think they have a great formula. You can get news from the comic culture from a lot of places nowadays, but these guys are a great place to park your podcast app for a while and check out. The Fanboy Factor website is home to a ton of great content and the owner and curator of the site is on this show! And it’s not the only podcast they have to offer! They host podcasting veterans like The Next Issue, and they also have some great back episodes of pod like 4 Guys a Girl and a show and Kornercast! A ton of info on the site with reviews for just about everything, so go check out the website and then go check out the show! Don’t forget about that subscribe button!” 

Check out the whole article over on #fortheloveofpod

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