A Discourse in Online Dating. Or, Insanity squared

A Discourse in Online Dating.  Or, Insanity squared

After a 5 year relationship ended about a year ago, it was time for your friendly neighborhood jman to dive back into the muckity muck that is the middle age dating scene.  Although, for any number of reasons, I’m not exactly sure why.  I mean, I’ve got a pretty happy, fulfilling life as it is.  True…I hate my job with the passion of a thousand burning suns and all, but it’s not like having a woman in my life is going to change all that.  Wanting to be in a relationship has got to be some kind of base biological need hardwired deep in the most primitive parts of our brains.

Either that, or just the need to get laid.

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it’s the Newsbox!


I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking: “What’s the dealy-O?!?!?  Where’s all the delicious new content that I’ve become so custom to seeing from my friendly neighborhood jman?”

Well…the answer to that question lies in:  the Newsbox.  We’ve moved all the pop culture content and gave it it’s own address:  the-newsbox.com.  We’ve got all kinds of crazy shit going on over there.  New podcasts, new YouTube shows, plenty of news and so much commentary, well…it’ll probably make you a lil sick to your tummy.

So what of yfnjman?  Well…here’s hoping the big guy upstairs grants me some time to once again regale you with more personal stories about raising four kids.  Cause Lord knows, I’ve got ’em.  Stories, that is.  And kids, too.

Check back often.  But, not that often.

Love always…and in all ways.


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The Wayback Machine: 1978 Clark Bar Superhero Ads

The Wayback Machine:  1978 Clark Bar Superhero Ads featured

The Wayback Machine:  1978 Clark Bar Superhero AdsBack in 1978, before the internets and cellphones and fanboy rage, the world was a much younger, friendlier place.  In those long gone days of yore, the Clark bar company ran a wicked awesome sweepstakes that appeared in both Marvel and DC books that fueled many of your friendly neighborhood jman’s then 7 year old fantasies.

An all expenses paid trip to New York/Gotham to appear in your favorite superhero comic book!

Tell me that wasn’t every lil fanboys wet dream?!?!  And what did you have to do to win this spectacular prize?  Enter!  That’s it!  No shit!  Just fill out the attached form and mail it in.  You didn’t even have to buy anything!

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Review: Zing Toys Firetek Rocket


Awww….Spring.  Nothing says Spring has finally decided to show up like chirping birds, kids playing basketball and the sound of arrows whizzing in the air.

Jakob and I (and members of his crüe) were lucky enough to test out some of new Firetek’s gear.  To do so, we grabbed the rest of our Firetek weaponry and headed to a local grassy knoll to test out Zing Toys new Firetek Rocket.

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